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Book Review of K V Dominic's "Discourses On Five Indian Poets In English" by M. S. Nagarajan

Uneven Collection

A collection of essays that says nothing new on five Indian poets writing in English.

Discourses on Five Indian Poets in English is a collection of 24 articles, by diverse hands, on five Indian English poets: Keki Daruwalla, Shiv K. Kumar, Pronab Kumar Majumder, Syed Ameeruddin and Aju Mukhopadhyay. In his preface, the editor of this collection, K.V. Dominic, rues on the paucity of critical output on Indian poets. He is disappointed that English poets in India ‘have been constantly ignored by the established publishers, academia as well as readers.' This
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Book Review of Anna Sujatha Mathai's "Mother’s Veena and Other Poems" by Vijay Nambisan

Walking in the Dark

Poems with a sure and delicate touch.

Sujatha Mathai is one of our most consistent poets, for this is her fifth volume since 1990. That consistency is true of her standards as well. She rarely ascends to heights; but then she never gives us a poem which does not have something to say or is unreadable.

The 51 poems in this volume are fairly representative of Mathai’s concerns. The first few tell of the dead not being dead, as in the first and title poem: …throbbed with
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Book Review of Murali Sivaramakrishnan's "Sri Aurobindo's Aesthetics And Poetics" by M. S. Nagarajan

Aurobindo and the Aesthetics of Transformation

Murali Sivaramakrishnan belongs to that rare breed of the vanishing (rather vanished) tribe of English teachers who are well-equipped with a strong foundation in the Indic spiritual tradition. Sturdily armed with a Sanskrit orientation, he approaches the territory of Indian aesthetics that angels dare not tread. It is common knowledge that the primary source of this discipline is the vedas and the upanisads. All great creations of art are the supreme emanation from the heart filled with rasanubhava. We do have a hoary tradition of aestheticians extending from Bharata
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Book Review of K Srilata's "Writing Octopus" by Anupama Raju

Penning Verse

K. Srilata’s Writing Octopus is a collection of 45-odd poems that talk about everything from the colour blue to ruminations

The eight-arm octopus is a recurring motif in many of K. Srilata’s poems. So many, in fact, that it became the title of her new collection of poems — Writing Octopus. Launched in the city recently, the 45-odd poems talk about everything from the colour blue to ruminations on writing. The book was released by freelance writer Geeta Doctor.

After a novel and two other collections of poems, Writing
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Book Review of 'The Dewdrops' by Tripti Sharan, Neeti Banga & Abhijit Naray by Alcatraz Dey

I read the book every night just before going to sleep. Some beautiful flow of words and requisite themes.

All three have done well but I personally feel Abhijit's poetry is a notch better just by an inch.

It's a wonderful bed time read even to non poetry lovers like me.

A brilliant effort by the team.


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Bidyut Bhusan Jena: ‘Devi: A Journey Through Photo-Poetry’

Book Review

 Arnapurna Rath & Bhaskarjyoti Das

Devi: A Journey Through Photo-Poetry

New Delhi: Authorspress. 2014.

ISBN 978-81-7273-837-2

Pages 103 | Rs 295

A Breeze through the Reeds Fringing a Lake of Seasons


If poetry is a ‘spiritual’ dialogue with one’s Self in relation to the world then Devi: A Journey Through Photo-Poetry by Arnapurna Rath & Bhaskarjyoti Das could be looked upon as its fulfilment. Devi is a monumental journey on the trail of the feminine, which unveils itself on the threshold of the timeless in
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Review Pashupati Jha’s Awaiting Eden Again by Dr Arun. K. Jha

Awaiting Eden Again. Pashupati Jha. New Delhi: Authors Press. 2015.ISBN 978-93-5207-047-3. Reviewer: Dr Arun.K.Jha. The reviewer is Professor, former Head of English Dept. and Dean of Arts, L.N.M.U., Darbhanga. The review was published in The Anvil, July 2015.

It is highly gratifying for me to review the fourth book of poetry by Pashupati Jha, one of my most outstanding students, and so talented as to make me wish, like Philip Sydney’s teacher at Christ’s College, to be known as his preceptor. He is one in whom creative and critical talents combine in a harmonious blend to falsify
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Book Review of Gopikrishnan Kottoor’s THE NECTAR OF THE GODS (A Play in Three Acts) by Aswathy Karnaver

Revisiting the Corridors of History

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The legend of Devashayam Pillai’s martyrdom forms part of a largely obscure historical narrative. Born as Neelakanta Pillai, he was a Nair noble in the palace of king Marthanda Varma and was executed following his conversion to Catholic faith under the influence of the Dutch naval commander Eustachius De Lannoy. ‘Nectar of the Gods’, a play in English by Gopikrishnan Kottoor, revisits the story of Devasahayam to reveal the layered socio-cultural milieu of the time and the circumstances that led to the gruesome execution.

The backdrop of a farsighted fuelling
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Review of Venugopala Rao Kaki's Poetry Book, "Ripples And Reflections" by U Atreya Sarma

An eclectic and delectable poetic feast




From the mundane to the metaphysical, from levity to gravity, from angst to optimism here is poetry both narrative and reflective, causing scintillating ripples in the hearts of poetry lovers and as well as general readers.

A baby tender and cute| Just came out| Into the world” – these lines in a different context from his opening poem ‘The Mystery of Beauty’ can aptly be applied to announce the birth of Ripples and Reflections – the maiden melange of muse by Dr Venugopala Rao Kaki. Like a baby, this sleek
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Review Of Venugopala Rao Kaki's Book,

Chiariascuro - Light and Shade - Contrast by Dr. Rama Rao Vadapalli V.B.

Kaki Venugopala Rao, Ripples and Reflections, AuthorsPRESS, 2016, New Delhi, pp106, P B, Price, Rs 295/- $15/-


In all its radiant glory,
The poet with a mother’s heart,
Full of pride
Harbours and cherishes
The bliss of creation. -

Kaki titled this maiden collection of poems Ripples and Reflections but this is in fact a chiariascuro, a work of light and shade and a presentation of contrast. A highly promising collection of poems, this book is a self-representation of thoughts, feelings
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