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Peeping Through Scriptures

Authored By: Chandra Prakash Sharma

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352073597

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 134

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Chandra Sharma’s writing is an excellent example of how the written word breaks down all perceived differences. Kipling was wrong, East and West do meet...

Jerry Hughes (Melbourne, Australia)



Your creation story is magical and written with just the right blend of wisdom and mirth. Your moral is powerful and environmentally and spiritually persuasive. There is light and love and enchantment in your words.

Alison Cassidy (Melbourne, Australia)


One of the most eloquent, lyric poets on poemhunter.

C.P. Sharma’s beautiful responses to my work

will remain an inspiration for the remainder

of my poetry life. He has my applause.

                 Sandra Fowler (United States)



Wonderful… a great genesis of verses.

               Ency Bearis (Nevada, USA)


Thank you for describing the Hindu religion to us, a very well thought out piece, written with a lot of skill.

Lynda Robson (UK)



you’re a great man sir with great mind and great heart...with great love for God and mankind in all parts of the world... the true ‘YOU’ is visible in your poetry.... You and the likes of you are my inspiration to write.. .your great words... are my guide to make my mind and heart love the beauty of poetry... thanks for all your works...

Maia Padua (Philippines)



That’s (Delusions) perfect it is unlocking of immortality of soul...

a journey begins in this part... a start... an opener

of what is transcendental ignition of leaving soul from

our body... what a beautiful key you have shared

with us... poet

                             Antonio Liao (Dapitan City)



Soul soothing... inner travel.

         Yoonoos Peerbocus (Mauritius)



Brilliant job is done, love it.

     Ashraful Musaddeq (Bangladesh)


The poem (My Religion) is great in its meaning and style, it is extremely beautiful, it reveals the depth of your thinking, my best friend. I hope it would be a sole religion called humanity and all believe in it.

Kassem Oude (Lebanon)



Wow, beautiful. You are representative of brighter face of India in scenario of clashes between both Hindu and Muslim. From centuries we people are leaving together so what the need of hate and confrontation!

Alice Naul (Shehar bano Naul), Pakistan



It is the responsibility of every person to spread such a message like what you have said through your poem ‘Allah-Ram-Jesus – The Same Flame’ I wish everyone in this globe has the same mentality as you have. Appreciate your courtesy, congratulations for your good work and thanks for the real good message.

Nooruddeen Mm (Kerala, India)


Well, Sir, you have a lot of knowledge of Indian Mythology...your idea & wit is fully depicted in this poem (Energizing Wind)! I admire it...A rare one of its kind…

Stephen Styris (Guwahati, Assam)


C.P. You paint a picture of how our world should work, if only this could be true; for to live in peace and harmony would surely make us full of love, much richer as more creative ideas abound across our open minds.

Bob Blackwell (South Africa)

About the Author


Dr. Chandra Prakash Sharma (b.1941) has Masters in English, Economics, and Ph. D. in Business Management. He held several important positions in academics and business during his career from 1964 to 2003. He is a trained management scientist, a noted economist and lover of literature with several publications in all these areas to his credit. More than half a dozen publications share his research papers on economic issues of national importance. His research work has been widely reviewed by the prominent Newspapers like Economic Times, The Tribune, The Indian Express, The Times of India, etc. Since his retirement in 2003, he is actively posting his poetic compositions on a number of websites like,,,, and to name only a few. He was the Contributing Editor (2008-2009) of Enchanting Verses Literary Review.




Beside his score of research papers he has the following books to his credit.


1. Corruption and Lokpal, Kalpaz Publications (2013), Delhi-110052


2. Industrialization and Development Banking, Deep & Deep Publications (1989), Rajouri Garden, New Delhi      


3. Industrialization and Regional Development, Deep & Deep Publications (1988). Rajouri Garden, New Delhi


4. Status Report on Industrial Development of Punjab, IDBI Project, (Co-authored) Punjabi University, Patiala (Mimeographed 1987)


5. The Divine Symphony (Hymns of Guru Tegh Bahadur in English Verse), Purnima Publication (1976), Patiala


6. Symphony of My Being, e-book on


7. Poetry Series of C. P. Sharma, The World’s Poetry Archive at


Dr. Sharma has the honor of sharing his poetry in about a dozen of thematic International anthologies of English poetry. Two of his poems have been rendered in Romanian and published in an International Anthology of Poetry ‘Geneza Visurilor’.