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The Guiding Lights

Subtitle: Poems

Authored By: J K Roseline

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352073351

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 100

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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“To remember

The care of those

Who once walked with me

And gave me the love



Now walk the path

Choose right from wrong

Rise, when we give away and fall

Lessons we have learnt

From those who went before us.


How they touched lives 

How their lives were worth

In shaping many lives

Peace be to their souls

This be my prayer”

From the poem

(“The Guiding Lights”)



About the Book


The Guiding Lights is a collection of tribute poems written in dedication.

“Wading through memories of love and all that delights the mind.

A childhood sweet and bright, carefree days and nights”.

These lines sets the tone for J K Roseline’s soul stirring poetry collection in this book. Have you felt at times that you wished to tell more about some acquaintance or family member or mentor, teacher who has so inspired you in life and you now wish to honor them in a special manner by writing about them. You will find these very situations in J.K. Roseline’s poignant at times heart wrenching words in this collection of work which is her third poetry book.

Travel to space with J .K. Roseline in her majestic astro-poem ISRO Mars Mission 2013. This poem is an ode to nation, as India moved from an agrarian culture and leapfrog into a high tech information age. In the odyssey of the planets, she talks about astrology and man’s belief in its influence on human beings.

Be her companion and feel as she describes nature scenes, seasons and creatures of the wild. This is her forte where words mingle and shine with the beauty of nature she portrays in her works. At times addressing nature and becoming one with it, drawing energy from its sources and personifying it! You cannot escape from an encapsulating voyage while you get immersed in the pages of this refreshing book.


About the Author


J.K. Roseline lives in Mumbai. She holds a degree in science and a post-graduate degree in English Literature. She began her writing career as a freelance journalist in 1996. (Her articles and features have been published in prominent newspapers in Mumbai and in Dubai where she lived for eight years until 2008). The Guiding Lights is her third collection of poetry book. It consists of tributes to her parents and her paternal uncle, poet and writer Cherian Andrews. The year 2016 is his birth centenary year. This book is launched in his memory. The book also includes nature poems and patriotic poems. J.K. Roseline’s first book of poems Poets Choice: A Bouquet of Roses was published in July 2015.It was launched in Mumbai. Her second volume Nature Tales, a book of poems was published in Bangalore in November 2015. She wishes to focus on promoting a return to the oral tradition of poetry recitals as well as poetry writing as a valuable form of expression in schools.