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Coming Full Circle

Authored By: Barsa Ray

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352072842

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 80

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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 Praise for the poems...

‘I love the way you play with your words. They dance and sing together.’

– Reeti Roy, Reader

‘Illuminating descriptions, strikingly original, crystalline experiences, effective from different persona. None of the poems are overworked.’

–  James Nash, Poet & Creative Writing Teacher

‘How can someone from Orissa tap in to the English psyche so accurately? It shows what can be done by a thoughtful, and very good writer, to bring strong words to life in a deceptively simple way.’

– Adam Strickson, Poet, Playwright, Professor, University of Leeds


About the Book


Coming Full Circle explores the cyclicality of life and nature and how the two mirror each other. The collection examines sorrow, despair, rage and violence. However the author’s sensibilities recognise that there are rainbows everywhere. All one needs is to put a prism to the eye. The poems also probe the hinterland between reality and the fantastical where mundane things become surreal.

About the Author


Barsa Ray was born in New Delhi, grew up in Odisha and lives in the UK. She started writing poetry at primary school and was awarded four times in the Shankar’s International Children’s Competition over her school years. She published poetry in The Telegraph Sunday Magazine (Calcutta; selected by Shri Jayanta Mahapatra) and The Brainwave among other publications. After her MBA, writing took a back seat for a few years as she got enmeshed in the corporate world. She revived her writing with an MA in Creative Writing from The University of Leeds. She started a novel on the MA which was short listed in The Asian Writer First Novel competition. Her poem was filmed and telecast for the Yorkshire Arts Festival during the 2014 Tour de France. She has read at the Ilkley Literature Festival and published in Inkposts magazine. She wrote, produced and acted in a play for the University of Leeds festival. She acted in a political play produced by award winning theatre company Commonwealth that generated a video letter to the European Commissioner, EU.