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The Rising Sun By Dilip Bora

Authored By: Subhajit Bhadra & Sonia Hussain

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352073207

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 220

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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This is a novel of social and political turmoil. It reflects a troubled and contemporary socio-political phase of Assam. The same situation can also be witnessed in other various parts of our country. The plot of the novel covers a wide range of characters and the various characters add a sense of cohesion. The language of the novel is lucid and urbane. Translated for the first time in English, this novel aspires to the condition of the typical document of Assam in a transitional period.

The novel got huge critical acclaim when it was first published into Assamese. The decade of the 1960 and 1970s was a crucial period for Assam and also for India. This period witnessed the rise of democracy, industrial revolution and also Cultural Revolution. During the post-independence period there was the demand for political sovereignty. In Assam the situation gradually deepened into a crisis and this novel highlights this phase.

This novel shows how youth of the region was misled and misguided and it talks about political abduction, demand for ransom but it also has an intricate love plot as a theme. It chronicles a turbulent phase of Assam and treats the theme in a mature way.



About the Book


About the Translators


Subhajit Bhadra

Born in Guwahati on 17thNovember in 1980, SubhajitBhadra was brought up in a small provincial town of Hojai situated in the middle part of Assam. He struggled during his childhood against dire poverty but his interest for learning manifested itself in his growing up years. He didn’t get a suitable environment but his love for the world of letters began early in his life. He passed his matriculation in 1997 and his higher secondary examination in 1999. He passed his B.A with English honors in 2002. Later on he acquired his mater degree from Tazpur University and got gold medal as he topped in his batch. His first published article was carried in the pages of prestigious daily newspaper from Assam, the Assam Tribune in 2003. After that he regularly contributed to many leading magazines and newspapers. He is a free-lance writer, a poet, critic and translator. He specializes in American literature and he also published a book on Jewish American writing. Till date he has published six books of literature and culture, amongst which there is also a Bengali collection of poem. He has also written and published in Indian literature, the prestigious bi-monthly journal of SahityaAkademi, New Delhi.


Sonia Hussain


Born in New Bongaigaon on 9th November 1985 Sonia Hussain was brought up in an ambiance of social interaction where her parents Abul Kalam and Rezia Begum raised her in a pampered way. She gained her primary education in the provincial town of Bongaigaon itself and passed her matriculation from Birjhora Girls High school in 2001. Then she secured her higher secondary education and degree from BirjhoraKanyaMahavidyalaya in 2003. After that she took the subject and discipline of education in her B.A. Course and obtained her degree from Bongaigaon College, Bongaigaon.Then she migrated to Guahati University in 2006 for her M.A degree and successfully completed her master degree from the same citadel of higher education in 2008. In graduation she secured first class 6th position under Guahati University and secured first class 6th position from the same university in M.A. She cleared NET examination at one go. She likes to read objective oriented books and listen to music. She also passed her M.Phil degree from Vinayak Mission Univeristy, Tamilnadu in 2010. This is her maiden publication.

About the Author


Dilip Bora was born on 1st of September, 1955 in the district of Nagaon, Assam. After completing school in 1971, he joined Cotton College and did his B.A. in Economics securing a first class from Gauhati University. He worked as a probationary officer in Union Bank of India before completing his M.A in Economics from G.U securing 1st Class position with a gold medal. In 1982 Bora was appointed in Indian police service and was allotted Assam-Meghalaya cadre. In his student life he was highly active in student affairs and as the general secretary of Cotton College Union Society and the president of the all Guwahati Students’Union he contributed towards successful conduct of the medium of instruction and foreigner’s deportation issues. With his deep insight into the various problems affecting the state and the youth, he ventured into the literacy world and wroteKalijarAai in 2006 as a socio-political novel which has earned him accolades and appreciation from all section of readers. The novel has already been published in Hindi. So far has published 7 novels and four short story collections. This is his third novel and deal with a very sensitive issue affecting not only Assam but entire political fabric of our country.