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Subtitle: The Warrior-Seeker

Authored By: Biswakesh Tripathy

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352071548

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 184

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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After the infamous Kurukshetra war that caused senseless carnage for eighteen days, Rishava Deva at Ajodhya preached for peace and harmony in the country. Thus Jainism was born (800 B.C). He became a rebel against the Vedic Arjyas. But, this did not satisfy the patitas. Goutama Buddha of Kapilavastu tried to bring unity among all castes and creeds of Bharata (600 B.C). Buddhism caused a revolution in the society. But, this also failed due to Vedic Arjya’s backlash against Buddhism. Rivalry of all these religious groups caused great sufferings to people of Bharata. Gods were on war path. This war had to be stopped to bring peace to Bharata.

After the decline of Maurya Dynasty of Magadha, Aira dynasty became a powerful dynasty in Kalinga. Kharavela became the most powerful king of Aira Dynasty, who conquered half of Bharata (1st Century B.C). By the age of thirty four, Kharavela had become the most powerful King of Bharata. For 12 years his mighty sword went on campaign after campaign, conquering all the countries around Kalinga. He conquered all the kingdoms of the south and west of Kalinga. He vanquished Magadha and even stopped the Greek warlord Demetrious who had over run parts of north-western Bharata and reached upto Mathura. Kharavela defeated him and drove him back. But suddenly his sword came to rest, at the young age of thirty-four. After vanquishing Patliputra he entered the chamber of the princess of Magadha to claim her as his mate. But something happened in that chamber for which he gave up war. Thereafter, he searched for a new god to stop all war and sufferings of the people. Kharavela the warrior became a seeker. In his search for a new god his queen Ratike, his minister Sumitra, his close friend Indradyumna, king of Malawa, his queen Gundicha, their advisor Vidyapati and others helped him. Kharavela wanted Savara god Jaganta to bring peace among all the creeds and castes of the country. They befriended the savara chief Biswavasu, through Vidyapati, who in turn fell in love with Lalita, the daughter of Biswavasu. After meeting insurmountable difficulties ultimately Biswavasu agreed to give Jaganta as god of Bharat. Thus Savara god Jaganta became Lord Jagannath of Puri, embracing all castes, creeds and faiths thus putting an end to war of gods forever.

After installation of Lord Jagannath, Kharavela mysteriously vanished. So also Gundicha. They were never traced.

About the Author


Born in 1931, Biswakesh served as a lecturer in a college in Assam. In 1954 he joined the Indian Police Service. He served in two Police services and two Paramilitary Forces. He dealt with Naga Insurgency in its peak period (1960-63), Telengana violence in Andhra Pradesh, Nav Nirman agitation in Gujarat, Punjabi Suba agitation in Punjab, Naxalite terrorism in Kolkata during 1969-71, Odisha Police strike and Khalistani agitation. He took part in the Blue Star Operation in Punjab. During his career he faced the bullets of Naga and Khalistani terrorists and carried a price of rupees ten thousand on his head while operating against the naxalites in Kolkata.

He has authored six books in Odia, six collections of short poems and one long sequence poem on Konark in English, besides a book on Terrorism and Insurgency in India. His two books in Odia have been translated to English titled Tales from Ramayana and Mahabharata and My Life and Times in IPS. His latest book In the Cradle of the Seven Sisters, a historical fiction, was published in 2015.