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In The Cradle Of The Seven Sisters

Authored By: Biswakesh Tripathy

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 978-93-5207-042-8

Year of Publication: 2015

Pages: 260

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  History / Political Science / Current Affairs

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Indus Valley Civilisation Encompassed Mostly Pakistan And Parts Of North Western India, Afghanistan, Iran Extending From Baluchistan In The West To Uttar Pradesh In The East And Maharastra In The South. Indus Valley Civilisation, One Of The Most Advanced Civilisation Of The Past, Came Up Around 3300 B.C. And Lasted Upto 1700 B.C., Lasting For A Period Of Nearly 1600 Years. The Main Urban Centres Were Harappa, Sutkangen-dor, Ganeriwala, Mahanjo-daro In The Present Day Pakistan, And Dholavira, Kalinbangan, Ropar And Lothal In The Present Day India. Apart From These Cities There Were About 1056 Small And Medium Urban Centres. Technically Advanced And Sophisticated Urban Culture Was Evident In Indus Valley Civilization. The Quality Of Town Planning Was Of High Order Comparable To That Of Present Day New York In Their Laying Of Road In Grid System. Hygiene Was Given High Priority. This Book Is A Historical Fiction Based On The City Of Sutkangen-dor.

About the Author


Biswakesh Taught Political Science In A College In Assam. In 1954 He Joined The Indian Police Service And Served In Two Police Services And Two Para-Military Forces. He Dealt With Naga Insurgency In Its Peak Period (1960-63), Telengana Violence In Andhra Pradesh, Nav Nirman Agitation In Gujarat, Punjabi Suba Agitation In Punjab, Naxalite Terrorism In Kolkata, All During 1969-71, And Khalistani Agitation In 1983-84. He Took Part In The Blue Star Operation In Punjab In 1984. During His Career He Faced The Bullets Of Naga And Khalistani Terrorists And Carried A Price Of Rupees Ten Thousand On His Head While Operating Against The Naxalites In Kolkata (1969-70).

He Has Authored Six Books In Odia, Six Collections Of Short Poems And One Long Sequence Poem On Konarka, The Famous Sun Temple, In English Besides A Book On Terrorism And Insurgeney In India. His Two Books In Odia Have Been Translated To English Titled Tales From Ramayana And Mahabharata And My Life And Times In IPS.