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Inner Carol

Authored By: Jyotsna Gandhi

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 978-93-5207-006-0

Year of Publication: 2015

Pages: 54

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Love, Is The Most Beautiful And A Divine Expression That Can Only Be Felt And Shared But Can Never Be Defined. Love Creates A Magic, That Magic That Completely Transforms You In An Entirely New Person. That Inspires You Every Day To Give Compassion To Others That Makes You Realize That Life Is Beautiful Indeed And Should Be Flawless And That Which Conspires Newness In Your Life. When Love Enters One’s Heart And Soul It Is A Dawn Of Delight And Sanctity In One’s Life. The Person Who Is In Love And Also The One, Who Is Being Loved, Both Feel Truly Elevated. The Power Of Love Makes Them Both, Finely Merged With Each Other That Resonates An Amazing Union Of Those Two People. And That Is When The Love Begins To Pursue Its Magic; The Lovers Begin To Sing The Carol Of Togetherness. They Cherish Their Intimacy And Celebrate Their Closeness. The Lovers Praise Each Other, Adore And Relish Each Other And This Intimacy Of Theirs Introduces Them With The Essence Of Love. Love Makes Them Enough Strong To Face Any Upheaval, And Enable Them To Realize That Life Is Not Only About Happy Going Moments But There Are Many Other Pains And Emotions That The Lovers Have To Face. When The Lovers Are Together That Moment Becomes A Boon For Them They Feel Like In Heaven And They Wish Nothing More Than That. And That Is Also The Moment When Two Hearts And Souls Become One, They Find Themselves To Be Residing In Each Other’s Hearts And Their Hearts Begin To Sing And Dance With Joy. Love Becomes An Inspiration For Them To Allow Prosperity And Progress In Their Lives. Love Transforms Them In Better Human Beings And Makes Them Realize Of Their Authentic Passion And Potential. The Book Inner Carol Includes A Collection Of Such Passionate And Romantic Love Poems Which Exhibit Intensity Of Pure Love. The Poems Are Arousing And Erotic And Would Be Admired By Especially Those Who Are In Love.

About the Author


She Is Thoughtful And Vivacious. She Believes That Nothing Else Than The Life Itself Is The Greatest Teacher For A Person. She Has Been A Learner, A Writer And A Poet And Has Acclaimed A Good Number Of Readers From Her Debut Book Titled You Step One, He Steps Thousands Released In The Year 2012. She Has Also Been Writing Social And Cultural Issue Based Based Articles At The Website; Since 2012. She Had Graduated In Philosophy (hons.) From One Of The Finest Institutions; Lady Shri Ram College For Women, Delhi, Where She Had Acclaimed Many Awards And Recognition In Debating, Elocution, Creative Writing And Social Working. She Is Also A Post-graduate In Sociology From The Chandigarh University, And Presently Preparing For Her Doctoral Studies. She Also Has Presented Few Of The Musical And Personality Development Programs And Has Been Invited As The Guest Speaker At The Yuva-Vani Channel & Women’s Section At The All India Radio, Delhi. She Has Been A Spiritually Inclined Writer Whose Words And Creative Writing Are Quite Enlightening For The Readers.

Jyotsna Has A Deep Love For Acquiring Knowledge In Her Life She Completely Believes That Knowledge Is The Way To Enlightenment. She Affirms In The Power Of Love And Follows The Path Of Love In Order To Elevate And Awaken Her Conscience. She Deeply Adores Rumi And This Adoration Made Her See A Fascinating Side Of Herself. She Felt That A Mystical Contour Of Love Was Brewing Within Her And Was Expecting A Revelation, And There She Chose The Medium Of Poems To Let That Divine Love To Emerge.

Jyotsna Gandhi Is Now Coming With Her Second Book That Would Be The First Collection Of Her Poems As Such, With The Title Inner Carol. The Poems Included In Inner Carol Are Written In A Lucid Yet Intense Language. The Poems Depict The Feelings Of A Celestial And Eternal Love Between Two Souls Who Are Like The Divine Travellers Searching And Exploring The Horizons And The Depth Of The Pious Love.

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