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Subtitle: Innovatively inimitable poetry

Authored By: Nar Deo Sharma

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 978-81-7273-985-0

Year of Publication: 2015

Pages: 95

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Besides Being A First Rate Critic And Linguist, Nar Deo Sharma Is An Impassioned And Renowned Poet Who Evermore Translates In His Innovative Poetry Vividly And Impressively The Precept of Art For Life’s Sake. All What Are Abnormal, Amoral And Immoral Characteristics Of The Mischievous Human Ecology Causing Ecocide, He Explores Subtly And Delineates Impressively In His Enchantingly Innovative Style.

Mellifluous Metaphors In The Wrappings Of Multi-faceted Perspectives, Innovative Foregrounding Of The Startling Realities Of Life, Neology In Chiseling Apt Stropes Empower Nar Deo Sharma To Stand Unparalleled Among His Contemporaries. In His Enlightening Preface, He Deliberates Over His Semantic And Lexical Innovations In Connection With Picturesque, Symbolic Imagery And Endeavours Convincingly To Correct The Mistakes Of The Intellectuals Who Mostly Misconstrue The Standpoints Of The First- Person I-specific Poems To Be Poet’s Confessions Of His Wrongs.

About the Author


Prof. (Dr.) Nar Deo Sharma has Taught Literature, Linguistics And Creative Writing For Thirty Years. He Is An Eminent Poet, Critic, Linguist, Reviewer And Translator. His First Poetry Book Melody Of Wounds (1984 Rpt. 2007) Earned For Him Enormous Encomium From Renowned Litterateurs, Critics. His Masterpiece Monograph On Literary Stylistics Style In the Manneristic Poetry (Flickers, 1995) Has Established Him As One Of The Foremost Linguists Of The World. He Outshines Other Contemporary Indian English Poets In Respect Of Coining Innovative Metaphors In The Wrappings Of Multimeaning Perspectives, Stunning Use Of Symbolic, Picturesque Imagery. Many Scholars Have Obtained M.Phil. And Ph.D. On His Innovative Inimitable Poetry. His Stylistic Critiques On Poetry And Prose Have Appeared In International Refereed Journals And Magazines.


He Attended Many International Conferences And Presented His Papers There That Were Anthologized In International Anthologies. His Literary Profile Has Been Compiled In International Reference Books Such As International Who’s Who In Poetry (UK), Men Of Achievements (UK), Dictionary Of International Biography (UK), 5000 Personalities Of The World (USA), International Register Of Biographies (USA), And Dictionary Of Indian English Litterateurs (India). His Poems Have Appeared In The London Magazine (England), Orbis35 (England), IBC Magazine (England), (USA), And Elsewhere.