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English As A Global Language

Authored By: Mrinal K Ghosh

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 978-81-7273-492-3

Year of Publication: 2009

Pages: 186

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  Education

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1. Introduction To English Language; 2. Approaches To English Language Instruction; 3. Methods Of Teaching English; 4. Tools And Technologies In Teaching English; 5. Teaching To Speak English Effectively; 6. Teaching Pronunciation; 7. Teaching Listening; 8. Teaching English Writing Skills; 9. Teaching English Grammar; 10.Practices Of Teaching Reading; 11.Teaching And Developing Vocabulary; 12.Assessment Of Language Learning; Bibliography; Index.


About the Book


English Is A Truly Global Language Crossing Many International Boundaries. The Language Is So Popular; It Is Spoken In More Than A Hundred Countries And Has More Than A Million Words. English Began Its Development In Great Britain And Was Spread Across The Globe Through The Colonial Nations. It Became So Influential Across The World That Many Countries Adopted English Above And Beyond Their Own Languages. The Speed And Depth With Which The English Language Became So Popular Globally Is Unbelievable.This Book Presents A Lively And Informative Account Of The Rise Of English As A Global Language. It Includes A Historical Summary Of The Global Development Of English, The Current Spread And Status Of English As A First And Second Language Internationally, And The Future Potential Of English As The International Language Of Communication. The Contents Of The Book Will Be Highly Valuable To All The Lovers And Learners Of English.

About the Author


Mrinal K Ghosh, Is A Professor Of English And The Author Of Many Grammar And Composition Textbooks For College Students.  He Holds A Master’s Degree In Modern English And American Literature, And A Doctorate In English And Rhetoric.