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Indian Political Economy In The 21st Century: Facets And Challenges

Subtitle: (The Gandhian Path to India’s Development)

Authored By: G. R. Krishna Gogineni

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389824230

Year of Publication: 2020

Pages: 306

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Professor G. R. Krishnamurthy, who is popularly known as Dr. G. R. Krishna, is a nationally well-known and distinguished professor. He has been professor/Dean and Chairman, BOS of postgraduate studies in Management and Social Science and has taught for more than 25 years at Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore. He has served in the distinguished position of a UGC Professor and a director of Post Graduate Studies, at Siddhartha College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

As a recognised guide and director for PhD scholars in the abovementioned subjects at the Mangalore University and for many other universities, he has guided more than a hundred research dissertations of postgraduate students and scores of PhD scholars. He is also the Senator at the Institute for Documentation and European Studies, Brussels.

Prof. Krishnamurthy has an intense love for literature, philosophy and fine arts. He has published more than 65 books in different subjects. His hobbies are writing poetry, music and painting. He has travelled extensively throughout the world on various assignments as a visiting professor, keynote speaker, researcher, consultant and seminar participant. He holds an MA, MSW, PhD, and D. Advanced Management degrees. He has two prestigious Honar’s Causa Fellowships and Conferments; a PhD from Brussels and a DLit from (Tucson) USA.

Dr. Krishnamurthy is the Founder-Director of the A. J. Business School, named as A. J. Institute of Management, Mangalore, for about ten years. At present he is the Chair-Professor of Eminence and Mentor at A. J. Institute of Management (an institute for MBA studies and advanced management research), Mangalore, India.

Dr. Krishnamurthy has received several honours and awards, such as the Sri Vishweshvarayya Navarathna Award, Karnataka, Bangalore, Eminent Citizen of India Award, NIC, New Delhi, International Man of the Year Award 2000, ABI USA, Golden PEN Award, Korea, Outstanding Executive/Decision Maker Award, Economist Magazine International, Singapore. J. Krishnamurthy International Award for outstanding contributions to Education and culture. Global education Leadership Award (GEF), London and the Bharat Bhushana Award, S.S.Y.S., Pareshad Bangalore.

About the Author


This book presents an alternative model for India's development. For want of nearest popular expression, We Christen it as “theGandhian modal/paradigm/path”: (With few alterations and additions to Gandhism)

This is the third path model to development, (different from Total free-market, aggressively - competitive American model and Totalitarian model of China).

This path advocates for the chief focus on agriculture development as a first priority and resuscitation of self-employed sector, consisting millions and millions of peasants, fishermen, weavers, Smiths and other occupational skill - communities in rural India, to stop their large-scale migration to urban areas,Aggravatingunemployment situation.

The book argues for the major priority to the development of small and cottage industries which, in the future shall contribute to more than 50 to 55 % of India's employment, as they do in German economy and Japanese economy.The book also argues for providing The Urban facilities to rural areas on the top priority basis.

The book warns the policymakers not to fall prey to the luxury-trap of bullet trains, environment degradingand ecology damaging Heavy Industries, unduly heavy spending on defense expenditure and unproductive expenditure on large size governments and pet projects.