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Nationalised Banks At The Crossroads

Authored By: Bishnu Mohan Panda

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389824094

Year of Publication: 2020

Pages: 454

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  Economics / Commerce & Managment

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This book – Nationalised Banks at the Crossroads – throws someinsights about thechallenges faced by NationalisedBanksin India.The book is divided into 15-Chapters and covers different areas in Banking, where Nationalised Bankscan take pro-active steps to remain ahead of others.

Some general thoughts contained in the book may help in the back up of mind of any one related to Banking,while working in theBank or whilemaking somedecisions.

As per the Author, “Systems should work more than the individualwith human touch andwheneach Nationalised Bankemployee remainsinspired to contribute to the collective goalin the changing environment, nobody can deny these Banks theirrightful place in Indian Banking Industry.”

This book will interest any general reader about many issues related to banking.

As per the book, better banking, better customer service, better reporting, better supervision, better corporate governance and better technology arethe need of the hour.The author hopes, bestpractices and the motive “together we can and togetherwe will” wouldtake forward these banksto the next orbitthroughbetter CRR management(i.e. customer centric approach, risk and recovery).

About the Author


Bishnu Mohan Panda was General Manager of PNB, director of Everest Bank LTD., Nepal, Ex. Director in the boards of many companies and was a financial advisor in REC Power Distribution Company Ltd (fully-owned subsidiary of REC Ltd., A Govt. of India Enterprise).

The author is a traveller and had written 7 travel books on Chhattisgarh and Odisha which are available in Amazon.

The last travel book of the Author – Amazing KBK Region and Lord Ram’s Trail – coverings 8-KBK districts gives a complete view, about the details of the tourist places, history, legends, culture, art and craft, tribes along with the trails of Lord Ram in the region.

 The inspiration to write this book Nationalised Banks at the Crossroads also came during my travel to one of the underdeveloped and remote part of the country, ie. KBK region of Odisha.

Further two books of the Author on Banking, i.e., Ethical Banking and another Book on PNB, are also at various stages of completion.