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The Witch Must Die And Other Poems

Authored By: Kamayani Vashishit

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389824032

Year of Publication: 2020

Pages: 112

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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These poems are the fruit of a serendipitous accident. The first one happened for sheer scarcity of words in a moment of unarticulated emotion. Others thereafter, rambled home in the oddest of hours and places. The anthology is divided into six sections and each distils a different yearning, a different loss, a different anger, a different nostalgia. The poet hopes to find resonance in a kindred heart.

About the Author


Kamayani is an Associate Professor who teaches English Literature in Himachal Pradesh. This is her first anthology of Poems. Before this, she has published Dioramas of Girlhood: The Faerie Recast. Her interest is in deconstructing the Fantastic woman who both, intrigues and challenges traditional notions of feminiety.