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Feminine Fragrance & Other Poems

Authored By: Poonam Dwivedi

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389615586

Year of Publication: 2020

Pages: 212

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Dr. Poonam Dwivedi (born Sept. 23, 1983) at Allahabad, now Prayagraj in U.P., is fast emerging as a wonderful creative writer in Indian English Literature. She is not only born but also brought up, groomed and educated till her Doctorate on “Aristotle’s Impact on Modern Critical Thought” from University of Allahabad. She genuinely bears that indelible imprint on her personality. At present, Dr. Poonam is working as an Assistant Professor in English at B. B. Panjab University Constituent College, Balachaur, Distt. S. B. S. Nagar, Punjab. Dr. Poonam has shown her enviable potentialities in her distinctive talents as a poet, critic and research scholar; and as Associate editor of Contemporary Vibes and co-editor of various research journals. Her managerial and rhetorical skills in academia are also well-known. She has published more than three dozen research papers and has been presenting them at the Literary Conferences at the National and International level. She has published a poetry book, The Confluence & Other Poems; two books of criticism- A Critical Handbook of English Fiction, Modern Critical Thought: Aristotelian Méthodos; and the third book, The Historical Development of Thought in Indian English Literature is (under preparation). She has also edited some other books and is actively engaged in writing books of poetry and criticism. She frequently contributes to renowned research journals. Dr. Poonam’s outstanding achievements have won her many recognitions and she is associated with some reputed national and international literary organizations.

Dr. Poonam Dwivedi’s present venture Feminine Fragrance & Other Poems is a collection of 50 poems which cast a rhythmic spell in the heavy lyrical style which is perhaps the demand of the latest social, cultural, and professional global feminine issues and concerns, though her major focus is on the Indian context. These are highly thought-provoking poems of Poonam’s painful consciousness of the physical, mental and spiritual ordeals of the “curves and contours” and she raises her voice with her courage of conviction to dismantle the andocentric age-long assumptions that govern life to keep woman in submission. Her full-throated advocacy of respect, dignity, equality and security to women for the healthy and harmonious growth of life is well-expressed in her poetic rhetoric. Her strong poetic belief is to allow women to express their full and total personality wherever they choose to work. These are all feminine fragrances bottled in this anthology for the fascinating delight of all sections of readers. Poonam’s language is highly imagistic and she weaves and exhales enchanting hues and magical tunes in these poems of intoxicating fragrances.