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The Solitary Blossom

Authored By: Bhadra Panicker

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389615838

Year of Publication: 2020

Pages: 80

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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                             Price in (USA) $. 29.95

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This is a wonderful anthology of poems, penned by Bhadra Panicker, age 14 years, currently in the 9th grade. A voracious reader, and an active participant in Model United Nation forums in New Delhi, she has always excelled in her academic pursuits. The subjects of the poems in this collection vary from natural wonders like the ocean, sunlight, the mighty oak, and the spider’s web, to philosophical reflections on dreams, loneliness and the teenage years. There are amazing descriptions of soliloquy, grandparents, myths, belief and faith, and a moving account of a child dying in the holocaust. And Bhadra can just as easily take the mundane topics of cookies and confetti and doodles and turn them into beautiful verses. The language is rich and captivating, as she expresses a range of human emotions, surprisingly insightful for someone so young. She stimulates our imagination, effortlessly taking us on journeys through different streams of thoughts and feelings, with her masterful use of words, phrases and rhythms. Any lover of poetry will enjoy this book.

Dr. CJ Joseph

Educationist, Director, MINDSET and honored with the
“Best Author Award for School Education-2017-18” by
Federation of Educational Publishers in India

Teenage is the phase when emotions upsurge as well as sink in; when you learn to sensitively perceive and communicate; when thoughts find expression and the search for understanding your place in the larger scheme of things, begins... No doubt, it is then that a poet is born! I have witnessed blooming of one such budding poet... Bhadra! Sprightly and spirited, she explores the exciting range of her experiences to pen what she herself has been inked with! As she prints her first anthology, I wish her the very best... Go ahead and take on the world Bhadra, God bless!

 Sangeeta Hajela

Principal, Delhi Public School, Indirapuram


 According to William Wordsworth, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.” Young Bhadra’s collection of poems justifies this definition. As one goes through her poems one can feel the agony she experienced at the brutal murder of the Jewish children whose only crime was, “They had dared to be born.” In her Hiroshima Day, she laments the cruelty of warmongers, “And peace, it did bring but at the cost of a million souls.”

The young poet mourns not only the holocaust of human beings but also of other animate and inanimate objects. Speaking about the cruelty of human beings in destroying Mother Nature, she writes, “The jungle of life became the jungle of concrete. Again at the destruction of the mighty Oak, she asks “How could it withstand the pain of betrayal?” Her heart bleeds to see the indifference of humanity in dumping “its waste into the benign Ocean.”

If morning shows the day, there is no doubt that this budding young poet will rise high and prove to be a great asset to the nation and the world. 

Dr. Krishna Sudhir

Cardiologist, Vice President, Abbot Vascular and
Author of Prince of Typgar: Nujran and the Monks of Meirar



About the Author


A student at Delhi Public School Indirapuram, Bhadra is a language enthusiast who is an avid fan of all things related to English literature. She also participates in Model United Nations forums across Delhi NCR and has won laurels as well. As someone who believes in enjoying both academics and extra-curriculars, here’s presenting her first anthology of 45 poems, beginning right from the very first verse she penned (“Our Grandparents”) to her latest (“Hiroshima Day”).