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Collected Poems Of A.N. Dwivedi

Subtitle: (1994-2017)

Authored By: A. N. Dwivedi

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789387651203

Year of Publication: 2018

Pages: 404

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Some Press Opinions

“Dwivedi turns out to be a spectator of the rough and tumble of human existence. The poet is like a painter who paints with deft strokes the vivifying portraits of real life.”

            - National Herald (New Delhi: dated 18th Feb. 1995)

“… due to his simplicity and love for beauty, Dwivedi has gained an upper edge over many other Indian poets. Dwivedi in his Random Reflections is both a good poet and a good influence.”

            - New Swatantra Times (Hyderabad: VI, No. 1, Jan. 1995), p. 30

“…Dr. Dwivedi is not the one who just gets involved in jumbling of words and starts calling it 'poetry'. He is a serious careerist and desirous of the height which people rarely meet; his only desire is to express his feelings and emotions at certain moments.”

            - Our Leader (Allahabad: dated 25th June 1995)

“Indian English poetry is a flourishing industry today, and A.N. Dwivedi is a fast-emerging poet on its horizon….As Dwivedi is well-versed in Indian classics as well as in Western theories of literature, he practices 'obliquity' in his poetry to a large extent.”

            - The Times of India (14th April, 1999), p. 16

“Amar Nath Dwivedi is a poet who belongs to this league - an angry old man, who has just turned sixty and has refused to be driven to silence by the vicissitudes of life that seem to be getting worse everyday as they become more and more compounded by the prevailing social and political currents and cross-currents.”

            - Northern India Patrika (18th Feb., 2003), p. 6




About the Book


Since his school days, Amar Nath Dwivedi has been writing poetry, first in Hindi and then in English. Here Dr. Dwivedi has put together all his poetry in English: Random Reflection (1994), Fine Frenzy (1998), Protest Poems (2002), Beyond Borders (2008), and Wayward Wanderings (2012). He has also included here some of his newest poems. With this compilation, Dwivedi's English poetry will be readily available to readers and researchers.

Dr. Dwivedi is a widely published and anthologized poet, and his poems have, so for, appeared in various journals and periodicals of India and abroad, including those in Commonwealth Quarterly, Indian Literature, The Journal of Contemporary Literature, Expression, World Poetry (Korea), Transnational Literature (Australia), Asiatic (Malaysia), The Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies (U.S.A.), etc. One distinctive feature of Dwivedi's poetry is a beautiful blend of sense and sound, of meaning and rhythm. His poetry rings changes on a wide variety of subject-matter and offers a rich feast of arresting diction and style. It is quite alive to the situation at hand, to raging sociopolitical problems of the day, and to the call of a renascent nation. His poems in dialogue form demonstrate the poet's innovative and imaginative fervour, recalling the poetic practice of Robert Browning and T.S. Eliot to an extent.

About the Author


Amar Nath Dwivedi is a Senior Professor of English who retired from the University of Allahabad, Allahabad (India) a few years ago. After his retirement, Dr. Dwivedi joined the U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University at Allahabad as a Senior Consultant in English and then proceeded to the Republic of Yemen on an official assignment as Professor & Chairman, Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Education, Taiz University at Al-Turba, Taiz. On his return to India in 2010, he taught English Literature at the University of Allahabad as a Guest Faculty till February 2016. Now, Dr. Dwivedi is engaged in his multiple writing projects.

Dr. Dwivedi is a well-known critic and poet in English. He has published, to date, a dozen books of literary criticism, three books of translation from Hindi into English, and five books of poetry plus a few new poems in English. Dr. Dwivedi is on the board of advisors to The Quest (Ranchi), The Expression (Rae Bareli), The Research Journal of English Studies (Faizabad), and Transnational Literature (Flinders University, Australia). He edits The Journal of Contemporary Literature (Allahabad; a peer-reviewed international journal; U.G.C. approved).

Dr. Dwivedi is listed in the International Who's Who (in “Men of Achievement” and “Register of Intellectuals”) of Cambridge, U.K.; Book of Honor, A.B.I. Inc. of Raleigh, North Caroline, U.S.A.; and in the International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement of Cambridgeshire, England. Dr. Dwivedi also appears in the biographical Directories of Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi. In January 2011. The International Poets' Academy, Chennai (T.N.) honoured him with Lifetime Achievement Award.