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Subtitle: An Analytical Translation

Authored By: Narendra K Sinha

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789386722829

Year of Publication: 2018

Pages: 754

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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The Dhammapada does not need an introduction. It has been almost a ritual for the Theravada scholars to translate the Dhammapada as a homage to Lord Buddha. No wonder, hundreds of translations of the Dhammapada are available just in English. While several translations have been found to be matching with each other, most of them do differ from each other both in style and in content, depending upon individual approach and interpretation.

The present translation of the Dhammapada has been necessitated because generally translations have been made impressionistically and subjectively.  A clear correlation between the original and its translation has been missing. This book is a compromise between the two extremes. While grammatical notes have been provided to clarify the meaning, the dissection has not been allowed to taint the textual feel and flavor of the great book.


About the Author


Dr. Narendra K Sinha, post retirement, is an Honorary Fellow at the Center for South Asia at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. He was born on August 2,1932, at Gaya, Bihar, India. He holds a Master's degree in Hindi, in Sanskrit, and in Pali, and a Ph.D. in Linguistics. He started his career as a lecturer in Hindi at Magadha University, Bodhgaya. He had been aUnguist at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He worked as a Senior Research Officer at Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore. He was also a Senior Research Associate in Linguistics at Santiniketan for a couple of years. He migrated to USA in 1980 where he started a new career asan instructor in English as a Second Language. He had been a visiting Professor at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and a Research faculty at the University of Wisconsin. He later qualified himself as a Speech Pathologist with an M.S. degree and retired as Director of Rehabilitation Services in 1999 after fifteen years of service in this field. Since then, he has been busy in creative writing in both Hindi and English such as writing short stories, novels, and poems. He has already published five books in this area so far and five other are in press. He has been writing for different newspapers and magazines regularly.