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Under The Apple Boughs

Subtitle: Poems

Authored By: Santosh Bakaya

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352075959

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 234

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Santosh Bakaya is a writer who is fast becoming the most popular in Indiain carrying on the tradition of a kind of English writing that takes in itsscope classic writers of the Victorian age primarily and also writers inIndia like Bond and Narayan.

She is amazingly prolific and in this book Under the Apple Boughs, which isanother sojourn into poetry by her, right from her dedication of it to thepeople of Accra, Ghana, to the quote from Dylan Thomas and the Dylanpoem prefacing it, down to every poem in it, divided into four sections, itis a lovely read.

The sections are Memory Shards, Crippled Rhyme, Nature Sings aSymphony and O Africa. Each section is powerful and shows her growingin each book in power, range and width. She is becoming colossal and thetime when she is prescribed to be read is not faraway.The best way to enjoy her is to read her properlyand this book may be the right one to start with,as with each book she grows into being a betterwriter than in the previous one.

- Dr A.V. Koshy: Academician, fiction writer, essayist, critic, poet, anthologist


About the Author


Sanely insane, a pathological procrastinator, a die-hard believer in Martin Luther King's Dream and John Lennon's Imagine, visualizing a day when there is 'nothing to kill or die for', and 'all the people sharing all the world', Santosh Bakaya has been critically acclaimed for her poeticbiography of MahatmaGandhi, Ballad of Bapu (Vitasta Publishers, 2015) and Where are theLilacs? (Authorspress, 2016).

Flights from My Terrace (Authorspress, 2017) won for her the nomination for the 2017 Top Female Authors Award instituted by "TheAuthors" recently. Winner of the Reuel International Award for her long poem, Oh Hark! (2014), she was also the recipient of the Universal Inspirational Poet Award (2016), instituted jointly by Pentasi B Friendship Group and Ghana Government and The Poet Laureate Award (2016) for Ballad of Bapu, her long poem, Oh Hark! andWhere are the Lilacs?