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My Wheatish Complexion

Subtitle: Novel

Authored By: Deen Dayal

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789386722294

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 154

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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                             Price in (USA) $. 29.95

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Dr. Deen Dayal, Asst. Prof. of English in Govt. P.G. College, Mant, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh (India) is an emerging novelist. His seven plays depicting burning social issues have been staged. He is a feminist writer. Besides, a number of articles & chapters published in international Journals, Magazines and books also go to his credit. He is the co-author of Grammar books for secondary level schools: Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan Boards. He has won much appreciation as a social worker. To know more about author Please visit : & email:


About the Author


Outdated dogmas, false pride and female discrimination mentality of the people forced Anjali to remain unmarried. She strongly retaliated with the people to deplore them for complexion disparity against her and remanded them from New York City (USA) to their native village in Chennai (India). She wanted to remain way from the unnecessary shackles to bring a new change in the society. Her mother Mrs. Gayatri reminded her prevalent aged long repressive male conduct against women and said, “The society is replete with crooks, where social quits, Khap Panchayat, and DeobandiFetwas are common tools to weaken and entail the power of women.”

Anjali was a modern and innovative girl refuted all superstitions & outdated codes of belief and said, “…There is no tantra to keep others under domination. If it is so, why do the hypocrite Babas not dominate the world?”

The novel is a strong voice for feminism and rich in diasporic elements. In search of self-identity and new change, Anjali moved away from India to California, then to New York. It is a new platform for the young girls to give them power to maintain their self-respect in a society filled with the ills of various discriminations