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Shakespeare’s Last Plays

Subtitle: A Study of Epic Affirmation

Authored By: Basavaraj Naikar

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352075614

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 386

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  English Literature

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“The standard of interpretation of these plays is very high.”

                                                                                    Dr. J.P.Brockbank
Director, The Shakespeare’ Institute, University of Birmingham (UK)


“Dr. Basavaraj Naikar introduces a new approach to the study of these last romances… Dr. Naikar exposes these plays to a minute and detailed examination, and shows how all epic features including epic similes, are to be found in these plays… On the whole Dr. Naikar with his vast and wide reading has given a book provocative and innovative.”

Dr. M.V. Rama Sarma
Vice Chancellor, Sri Venkateswara Universiy, Tirupati


“There is a subjective school, which sees a progress of Shakespeare’s vision and Naikar’s book, which looks at the plays from the point of view of Indian aesthetics, can be put under this…. Shakespeare’s Last Plays based on a Ph.D. thesis is a solid book of Shakespeare criticism and it makes a refreshing reading.”

Dr. H. H. Anniah Gowda
Professor & Chairman, Department of English, University of Mysore, Mysore



About the Book


The present book discusses the limits of drama and shows how in rare cases such as those of Hardy, Brecht and Shakespeare, the dramatic medium is adapted for the expression of epic vision, which is the most comprehensive one and borders on the religious. Dr. Basavaraj Naikar traces how Shakespeare’s vision matured from the tragic to the epic in his last plays like Pericles, Cymbeline, The Winter’s Tale and The Tempest, which therefore share many a feature with the major epics of the world.


About the Author


Basavaraj Naikar (1949- ) M.A., Ph.D., D. Litt (California), former Professor and Chairman of the Department of English at Karnatak University, Dharwad, INDIA, is presently Professor Emeritus at the same University. A bilingual writer, he has published many translations and critical works like PaduvanaNadinaPremavira, Huchchuhole, KolladaNeralu, Jogibhavi, Govardhanaram, NigudhaSaudha, Kannada AsangataNatakagalu, Beowulf, Asangata, Samrachanavada, Gilgamesh Mahakavya, Bharatiya English Sahitya Charitre, Sri Kanakadasaru, SiddhantamattuPrayoga,SwatantryadaKanasugara, KempuKanigilumattitaraNatakagalu, SwatantryaBhaskara, AndrosinaKanyemattuPhormio, KitturinaVirarani and ArivinaDipa in Kannada.


 Likewise he has published critical works like Sarvajna: The Omniscient Poet of Karnataka, Critical Articles on Nirad C. Chaudhuri, Shakespeare’s Last Plays: A Study of Epic Affirmation, The Folk-Theatre of North Karnataka, Kanakadasa: The Golden Servant of Lord Hari, Critical Response to Indian English Literature, Perspectives on Commonwealth Literature, Indian Literature in English Translation, The Glimpses of Indian Literature in English Translation, The Literary Vision, The Dramatic Imagination, The Dramatic Vision, The English Literature in India and A Harbinger of Harmony.

He has published English translations like Musings of Sarvajna, Beloved Poems, Fall of Kalyana, SangyaBalya: A Tale of Love and Betrayal, The Holy Water, The Vacanas of Sarvajna, and The Frolic Play of the Lord (Tr. of PrabhulingaLile).

He has edited Sparrows, Desert Blooms, Vatsalya,Sandalwood, Indian Response to Shakespeare, and Indian English Literature (Nine Volumes). He has published several research articles and reviews in national and international journals. He regularly reviews Indian books for World Literature Today, U.S.A.

His first short story collection entitled The Thief of Nagarahalli and Other Stories was short-listed for the Commonwealth Fiction Prize for the Best First Book from Eurasia in 2000. His second collection The Rebellious Rani of Belavadi and Other Stories was well received by critics. The Sun behind the Cloud is his first historical novel. His second novel, Light in the House, a philosophical novel deals with the life and mission of Sharif Saheb of Shishunala, an apostle of communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims. His English play A Dreamer of Freedom deals with the 1857 Indian War of Independence. His The Queen of Kittur(Novel), The Rani of Kittur(Play) and Rayanna, the Patriot and Other Novellas deal with historical, legendary and religious themes.

He has won the Gulbarga University Award, the Olive Reddick Award, the Gemini Academy Award, the Vasudeva Bhupalam Award and the Kuvempu Bhasha Bharati Award for his contribution to literature.

He has a passion for music and philosophy.