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Vivekananda: The Philosopher Of Shudra-Jagaran

Subtitle: Manifestation of Dual Personality

Authored By: Nilkantha Ghosal

Publisher:  Access

ISBN-13: 9789382647317

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 214

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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These are His manifold forms before thee, 
Rejecting them, where seekest thou for God? 
Who loves all beings without distinction, 
He indeed is worshipping best his God.


These significant and radiant lines were written by Vivekananda in his poem ‘To a friend’ on 28 January 1899. This maxim asserts his highest and deepest love towards universal humanity and his materialistic rebellious vision towards the cult of traditional spirituality.Here are the grains of conflicts and contradictions within his philosophical entity or personality which has gradually been manifested and developed since his youth. As if, two contending personalities have spread their roots within one magnificent body. In one space, there lives the creator of spiritual ‘Practical Vedanta’ and on the other, one radical socialist worker of the world of mankind.As to how these two self-contradictory and opposite philosophical mindsets have been co-existing all over his turbulent life, this has been dared to have deliberated in this book.The writer is not sure about which of these two has taken how much space each in his dynamic mind. But he is confident that these two opposite philosophies have been co-existing within his personality either peacefully or painfully.Let there be debate or deliberation on this and it should be.

About the Author


NILKANTHA GHOSAL born in a village of Hoogli district of West Bengal on 16 August 1939 is permanently residing at Kolkata. Since youth he had been active in the field of literature and culture like writing poetry, singing and writing songs and acting, directing and also writing drama. His dramas have been enacted in stage and radio. Afterwards, he edited a literary magazine and started writing stories, novels, essay and all sorts of children’s literature. For more than three decades all sorts of writings have been published in various famous magazines and books by class-one publishers of Kolkata in Bengali. He has been rewarded for his books of drama, stories and novel by various renowned literary organizations mainly through competitions.

Special characteristics of his literary writings, particularly of novels and essays, are research-based in the matter of subjects, forms, and language etc. He has written famous novels on research in Bengali on folklore(Bhumi-Kanya), on Vidyasagar –The First Man (SeiPrathamPurush), on Santhal-society, history and culture (DariyaEkPadatik), on history of drama of seventy years in Bengali (Kamal Hirer Alo) etc., and books of essays named Darsanik Vivekananda and on Hindu-casteism named Hindu Jat-pat o PadabirBhabisyat and a collection of essays named Banbla-Bhasir Atma-Darshan, etc.At present, he is engaged in creative writings in English.He believes that in these days of world-wide social and cultural uncertainty and aimlessness mainly research-based literature should be created on critical reality of society, history, culture, religion, etc.

He can be reached at: ghosalnilkantha