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Subtitle: Laughter and Tears

Authored By: Kamau Mungai

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352074556

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 52

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

Price in Rs. 175.00

                             Price in (USA) $. 29.95

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Heart to heart, we love you superstars, you make the world tick


دلسےدل, ہمآپسےمحبت Superstars, آپدنیاکیاواز

Coeur à coeur, nous vousaimons superstars, vousrendre le monde tick

V.I.P to R.I.P is the biggest shame many Celebrity suffer. The soar-soar-n-soar higher never applies to many but in the same breath, many stars and divas dig their own graves. This is how……..

About the Author


The author is a researcher, journalist and entertainer who travel a lot. Born in December 1984. His first book was World Rebirth or World War Three, a book that is causing unparallel transformation of the U.N. He lives the dreams of the late Mahatma Gandhi and President George Washington.