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Femininity: Poetic Endeavours

Authored By: V.V.B. Rama Rao

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352072309

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 140

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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Dr Rama Rao, an untiring explorer in the field of Indian English Poetry, has dredged up poets who are the exact opposite of the poets of hot chamber, the so-called feminist brigade. His keen study demonstrates that these 8 poets are poets of substance endowed with a double vision: they are rooted in their age-old culture without losing sight of the contemporary social scene. They explore themselves through different unconventional roles and their explorations offer significant insights into their minds. This book, in short, is a counter-argument to the fashionable.

IK Sharma


The book makes an in-depth study of the eight selected women poets of our times and throws light on their respective poetry books from a different stance: new thoughts of poetic hearts gleaned and examined by an experienced and expert ELT litterateur and critic of eminence to evince the scintillating sheen that lies there.

DC Chambial


Rao feelingly recognizes and underlines the ennobling characteristics in women’s poetry and speaks of the warmth, love, passion, sentiments and the purity of minds and hearts of women. When women talk of contemporary issues, they illuminate the virtues of ancient Indian heritage… Allowed dignity, happiness & contentment, they could certainly usher in peace in the society and encourage humanism to grow. The book with its brilliant treatment is Rao’s tribute to the inherent virtues of women.

– PCK Prem



About the Book


Femininity–womanliness–is forging ahead in women’s writing. Neglect, cruelty and thoughtlessness on the part of men inflict pain and suffering on women, and bestialize the former. Yet women’s feelings do not become belligerent. Owing to their inherent femininity, their feelings, sentiments and behavioural patterns are dignified and tolerant. Womanliness is the basic feature of the fair sex. The mien of women is dignity, decorum, forbearance and gentility. This does not mean that femininity does not raise complaints or stand against hatred. Women could, in fact, be the hardest fighters too for their human rights.


About the Author


VVB Rama Rao (b.1938) is a retired English Language Teaching professional.Educated in Maharajah’s College, Vizianagaram and Banaras Hindu University, he has a doctoral degree from Dr Andhra University.Researching and obtaining higher training in ELT from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, (now EFLU) he was guided and taught by stalwarts like Prof VK Gokak and Prof SK Varma. He worked in UGC, USAID and British Council conducted ELT Summer Institutes. He published 60 books in all genres–fiction, poetry, hagiography, historiography, biography and devotional works. Besides translations, he published works on d His recent publications are Sensitivity and Cultural Multiplexity in Recent Inliterary translation also. Many of his books are on literary criticism, literary translation, poetry and fiction, both in English and his mother tongue, Telugu. His profile is readily available at Google andian English Poetry and the omnibus volume of his poetry, Looking Within and Beyond.