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Author : Geetha Ravindran:

Born on the first day of November 1959, in Mumbai as the second daughter to Mrs & Mr M R K Nair.

Married to M Ravindran (presently retired from IAF)

Children: Lt. Commdr. Ashish Ravindran (INF) & Adarsh Ravindran (MS Student at IIT Chennai)

Started writing poems, stories & articles in English, Malayalam and Hindi at an early age of 14 years. The first article in Malayalam was published in Mathrubhumi Balapankthi. There after many Malayalam poems & stories have been published in journals and magazines in print as well as in on-line magazines.

Given poem recitals in Akashavani, in Malayalam. The first Malayalam poetry collection Jwala got published in 2009. The work on second book in Malayalam is on the way.

Working as a Mathematics teacher since 1980.





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