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Authorspress — AUTHORSPRESS is a publishing venture with a missionary zeal. We seek to translate dreams into reality. The dreams of each budding writer and the desires of every established author, gets translated into reality with us. In the process, our books not only enrich the treasure house of academically sound work, but also actualize each author’s potential to move to the centre-stage of national and international readership. We seek to publish both new and established authors who are keen to extend the scope of their work beyond the traditional restrictions of genre, discipline and subject.

It is our continuing endeavour to bring forth ideas which would help people in their efforts towards leading better, happier, and more balanced lives. As a result, we attempt to redefine the role of the publisher in the academic world of books as an agent of progress committed to publish works that not only educate and inspire but also awaken, instigate and empower. We constantly strive to enlarge the horizon of ideas, concepts, and analysis, and our works differentiate themselves significantly from the other mainstream voices through such a commitment. During these years of its uninterrupted drive toward excellence, Authorspress has progressed at a rate which is unparalleled in the world of scholarly publishing. Not only have our titles been reviewed well by respected names in academic circles, but they have also been endorsed by university course-lists and advocacy organizations.