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You Can’t Scent Me And Other Selected Poems

Authored By: Ram Krishna Singh

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352072637

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 136

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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“Dr Singh manages to tell his experience, bitter or sweet, mostly bitter, in minimum possible words. He would eliminate all the non-essentials from his composition. He would chiefly exploit, like Hemingway, the vigour of verb in his poems, and avoid the pomp and vanity of adjective altogether. This way of writing makes his poems far different from the poems we often come across in Indian English poetry magazines.

“In contrast to many poets who paddle poor prose cut into lines of poetry, Dr Singh’s poems are sober, mature, and disciplined. Though written in free verse they are yet compact. Neither the words nor emotions go astray. No cliché exists there. Only the power of plain words on display.

“In essence his poetry is not for the soft-headed. It will scare the puritans and taunt the purists because the poet lifts the so-called unclean words of the street and gives them a new dignity. In the history of Indian English poetry, I guess, it has been attempted for the first time on such a scale. No doubt it has its dangers. But in the borderless world of today many buffers are at hand. And to the one who has chosen the uncommon path in style and language it acts as the air of spring that drives him to the house of his mate, every day, every hour.

“I hope the new generation of readers, though lost in the hell of cyber world, will find time to go through the book and celebrate with the poet the freedom of spirit.”

– I.K.Sharma, Poet

About the Author


Ram Krishna Singh, born, brought up and educated in Varanasi (U.P., India), has been writing poetry in English for about four decades. He has published over 160 academic articles, 175 book reviews, and 40 books. His 17 collections of poems include I Am No Jesus And Other Selected Poems, Tanka And Haiku (English/Crimean Tatar, 2014), New And Selected Poems Tanka And Haiku (2012), and Sense And Silence: Collected Poems (2010).

His poetry has been explored in a dozen theses, over 80 articles, and four full length books, namely New Indian English Poetry: An Alternative Voice (ed. I.K.Sharma, 2004), R.K.Singh’s Mind and Art: A Symphony of Expressions (ed. Rajni Singh, 2011), Critical Perspectives on the Poetry of R.K.Singh, D.C. Chambial and I.K.Sharma (ed. K.V. Dominic, 2011) and Anger in Contemporary Indian English Poetry (Vijay Vishal, 2014) which present a comprehensive picture of his creativity since the 1970s.

Appreciated for his tanka and haiku, R.K. Singh's poems have been anthologized in over a hundred books. His poems have been translated into Japanese, Greek, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Crimean Tatar, Bulgarian, Slovene, Croatian, Farsi, Arabic, Serbian, Esperanto, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, and Bangla.

A member of several organizations, literary bodies and editorial boards, Professor Singh is a recipient of many awards and honours, including an Honorary Litt.D. from the World Academy of Arts & Culture, Taiwan, 1984, Fellowship of the International Writers and Artists Association, USA, 1988, Michael Madhusudan Award, Kolkata, 1994, Ritsumeikan University Peace Museum Award, Kyoto, 1999, Certificate of Honour and Nyuusen Prize, Kumamoto, 2000, 2008, Life time Achivement Award of the International Poets Academy, Chennai, 2009, Distinguished Membership of The International Association of Poets, Writers and Artists (IAPWA), Albania, 2012, Prize of Corea Literature, Korea, 2013, Nazar Look Prize for Poetry, Romania, 2013, Nomination for Pushcart Prize,2013, 2014, Winner of Naji Naaman's Literary Prize for 2015, and Lifetime Honorary Member of Maison Naaman pour la Culture, Lebanon, 2015.

Well-known as a practitioner of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Dr. Singh is recently retired as  Professor (HAG) at Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad 826004 (India). More at: and