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Indian Writing In English: Critical Insights

Authored By: Bijender Singh

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 978-81-7273-914-0

Year of Publication: 2014

Pages: 256

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  English Literature

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This book is a pre-concerted anthology of twenty-four texts from different genres of Indian Writing in English which encompasses and conciliates a critical compendium of three plays, two short-stories, three poets and foureen novels. Three plays—Girish Karnad’s Nagamandala, Mahesh Dattani’s Thirty Days in September and Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana; three poets—Kamala Das, Arun Kolatkar and Vihang A. Naik; three non-fictions—A Missing Person and The Whorehouse in a Calcutta Street, The Man-Eaters of Kumaon; and fourteen novels­—Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake, Vikram Seth’s The Golden Gate, Phanishwarnath Renu’s Maila Anchal, Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey, Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy, R. K. Narayan’s The Guide, Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters, Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines, Arvind Adiga’s The White Tiger, V. S. Naipaul’s A House for Mr. Biswas, Shobha De’s Socialite Evenings,Rama Mehta’s Inside the Haveli, Bharati Mukherjee’s Wife and Khushwant Singh’s The Company of Women—have been critically analysed and explored in this book. The provident, discreet and inquisitive contributors  for this anthology are Dr. Narendra Kumar, Dr. Sony Jalarajan Raj, Dr. Soumya Jose, Dr. Zainul Abid Kotta, Dr. Sohel Aziz, Dr. Parmod Kumar, Avinash Kumar, Dr. Sudhir K. Arora, Bhaskar Jyoti Gogoi, S. B. Biradar, Shankar Lal Seemawat, Imrul Kayes Alam, Anita Gehlot, Md. Nazme Furkanul Hoque, Bidhan Mondal, Dr. Sigma G R, Sushil Sarkar, Seema Rani, Ram Avadh Prajapati, Dr. Sumitra Singh, Subhashini Reddy, Nishant B. Pandya, Jyoti Arora, Dr. Jitendra Arolia and Dr. Namita Panda.

About the Author


Bijender Singh is an English Lecturer in Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Hatt (Jind) in Haryana. He has earned his M. A. and M. Phil degree in English Literature and has qualified UGC-NET, SET and HTET in English. He is a well-known name as a poet, author and editor on the firmament of English literature who has published a large volume of books as an author; edited anthologies on English literature and 26 research papers in many national journals, international journals and seminar/conference proceedings. Some of his well-known books are Late Night Poetry, Confusing Poetry, Gender Discourse in Indian Writings in English and Indian Writing in English: Critical Insights. His upcoming books are Life: A Struggle and Indian Dalit Literature: Critical Ruminations. His areas of interest are Indian Dalit Literature, Afro-American Literature, Indian Diasporic Literature, Gender Studies and Indian Writing in English. He has written a few essays, short-stories and many Hindi poems.