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Textualizing Trauma

Subtitle: Narratives from North-East India and Beyond

Authored By: Sarangadhar Baral

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 978-81-7273-821-1

Year of Publication: 2014

Pages: 278

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  History / Political Science / Current Affairs

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Trauma Writings Emerging From North-east India Are Mostly Fresh, And Speak From Recent Histories And Intimate Cultures. The Present Volume Comprises Scholarly Analyses That Will Enrich Readers Having Widely General As Well As Scholarly Interests.  However, There Lurks Another Interest, That Is, To Awaken The Conscious Readers To More Tolerance And Understanding Of People Who Are Equally Human And Loving, Though Culturally Different. This Attempt Is To Write Marginalized Histories Of India Which Might Help Redefining The Nature Of Our Nation Building.

Great Claims Of Civilization And Unacknowledged Sacrifices Of Human Life Are Unhelpful Paradoxes Alive Even In Our Century. The Present Volume, Textualizing Trauma, Focused On The Situations Of North-east India, Is Among The Literary Efforts To Unveil Certain Traumatic Existences And Repressed Experiences That Many Of Our Brethrens Might Have Undergone Or Empathetically Shared In Times Least Grasped Of Or Barely Mapped For Conscious Knowledge.  

Our Proper Understanding Of Trauma Writings Happens To Be Tougher, Since A Complex Tangle Of Identity, Language And Ideology, Intrinsic To Narrativizing Trauma, Remains To Be Untangled. This Book Brings Out Various Problems Involved, Such As Who Writes And Whether The Writer’s Meaning Is Constructed By Hidden Agenda Apart From Genuine Sympathies. The Book Does Not Aim To Answer Many Of Such Questions, But Aspires To Focus On Specific Events Of Trauma And Their Particular Analyses By Scholars Who Are Supposedly Better Positioned To Do So Objectively.


About the Author


Dr. Sarangadhar Baral Is Associate Professor In English At Mizoram University, A Central University Of India, Aizawl, Mizoram. He Is Also A Poet And A Translator.  He Has Authored The Verse & Vision Of A.K. Ramanujan (2008) A Critical Study, Published By Sarup & Sons, New Delhi; And Translated Kishor Chandrananda Champu (2012), First Of Its Kind, Of The Celebrated Odia Poet Baladeva Rath Of The Medieval Age.  Presently He Is Working On Medieval Religious Poetry And Also Folk-tales Of Odisha.