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1000 English Usage

Subtitle: Doubts Cleared

Authored By: J. John Sekar

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389824445

Year of Publication: 2020

Pages: 358

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Text Books

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The book is in the form of question-answer. It contains 1000 items and each one of them is present in the minds of millions of Indian learners and users of English though some articulate them. Indian learners know a wide range of words and grammar rules, but they have uncertainty about using them in their expressions. There are different national varieties of English though American and British are dominant. Such different language practices create more confusion for Indian users of English. For instance, Indians ‘burst’ crackers while native speakers ‘set off/let off fireworks.’ Indians ‘prepone’ a meeting while Americans/British ‘advance’ it! While Americans/British discuss a matter, Indians ‘discuss about’ a matter! The ownership of English does not rest with any one country and culture. It is used as a first language, or as a second language, or a foreign language throughout the world. It serves a ready guide to the Indian users of English by answering the most frequently (un)asked questions.

About the Author


Dr. J. John Sekar is presently heading the Research Department of English at The American College (Autonomous), Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He has published 80 research articles on English language teaching, literary theories and higher education in international journals and they are available in SSRN, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate. He has authored in-house textbooks on Conversational Skills, Reading & Writing Skills, Study Skills, and Career Skills. His book on Communicative English is prescribed in Madurai Kamaraj University. He has presented research papers in international conferences in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Cambodia. He has presented more than 110 research papers in conferences, delivered 80 plenaries, guided 10 PhD scholars and 62 MPhil scholars. He has received 8 awards for contribution to research. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the peer reviewed international American College Journal of English Language and Literature (ACJELL). He is an accredited adjudicator of PhD theses in 10 universities across the country.