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Ayyappan Thampuran: The Prince Of Panthalam

Subtitle: A Philosophical Analysis of the Sabarimala Yatra

Authored By: K V Vishwanathan

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389615173

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 140

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Literary Criticism & Theory

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Ayyappan Thampuran – The Prince of Panthalamby Vishwanathan Kolazhi Vaidyanathan is a refreshing and worthy new addition to the growing body of work on Hinduism. Ayyappan is a must read for all Hindus interested to know the layers of this philosophy brought out brilliantly by Vishwanathan. He has used the life and legend of Swami Ayyappan to highlight philosophy that is Hinduism – selflessness, devotion to mother, triumph of good over evil, self-discipline and tolerance.


At its core, Ayyappan is a unique take on the legend of Ayyappan. Over the last several decades the legend of Ayyappan has transcended geography, language and culture with millions of devotees making the pilgrimage to the Lord’s abode in Sabarimala. However, rarely has a treatise of this quality been written on the Lord.


Drawing from his vast knowledge ofHindu philosophy, scriptures and his personal research on the subject, Vishwanathan has delivered a work that is rich in nuance and depth. Vishwanathan’s Ayyappan elevates the devotee’s experience of the Lord.


Ayyappan is not only a compulsory read for every devotee of the Lord, but also an essential read for researchers and students interested in the philosophy of Hinduism.

About the Author


K.V. Vishwanathan (Vish), 53 comes with a corporate experience of 30 plus years in the field of investment banking, corporate law, HR, consulting and learning and development. He is a graduate in commerce and law and a post graduate in applied psychology.

That aside, he was always intrigued/interested in Indian mythology as a child which slowly lead/evolved to a passion on the Vedas and their application and implication in our everyday lives.

Vishwanathan was more drawn into the mythology through listening to stories as a child whom he later passed it on to his kids as they were growing up.But the constant questions thrown by them are what lead to his further deep dwelling and research on the same. This was further fuelled by his meeting his Guru, Shri H Parameshwaran Iyer (a.k.a. Shekhar), an engineer by profession and a teacher of Vedas who has had a very major or say been the most important catalyst in leading the path from mythology to the Vedas and not just the outer surface of chanting them but the inner meaning of why, what and how?

In the journey Vish learnt that a better understanding of Vedas (the technical meaning)is possible only through a thorough knowledge of Sanskrit and he went on to pursue learning the language much later thus going on to prove that age is only a number and where there is a will there is a way!

His chief endeavor in life is to break the myth that the ‘Puranas’ and ‘Itihasa’ are not meaningless mythologies or absurd Indian history but technical commentaries on Vedas and penetrate the belief into the society that Vedas are a way of life, to lead a better quality of life for all and not as normally misinterpreted to do something with religion.