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In Search Of Sense

Authored By: Supratim Ghosh Dastidar

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389110814

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 121

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

Price in Rs. 206.50

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‘What I am really after I think, is some kind of a happening.

A stranger turning into a friend...

That is what all loners need, and that is what all loners almost deny.’


In unconscious murmurings and self-talk, far removed from the conscious use of language, Supratim Ghosh Dastidar makes confessions through an inward-turning journey – most necessary – before turning to look outward at patterns in the worlds of loneliness, longing, ennui, drift, transience, existence, disillusionment, love and the loss of childhood and societal innocence, applying the same Fibonacci sequence –


‘We are a society of next-door applause

We are the generation of disruptions

If you struggled with lack, we struggle with excess

Everything is pretty much the same.’


Rochelle Potkar


In a series of conversations with an absent lover or an other self, Supratim Ghosh Dastidar lyrically captures some of the quietest, most intense moments of contemporary human existence. In Search of Sense is his third book and these poems are milestones in a journey that is as significant as it is beautiful.

Nandita Bose


About the Book


About the Author


Supratim Ghosh Dastidar is a postgraduate in English Literature and wants to teach and travel. He knows that he is not popular, but he willingly turns facts into fodder for his poetry. Whenever at leisure, he likes to sit and stare at nature. He is 23 and wishes to stop growing up already.


In 2012 he wrote his debut novel No, One For Me... Every Face Looks Like You!while battling ICSE Board Exams on the one hand and teenage problems on the other - the book did fair, almost at the verge of running for a second print. But he was growing up and decided to discontinue it for the simple reason that he did not want anyone to read it any more. The following year, he published a poetry collection Musings of a Marveller which added on to his (regional) fame but as if karma intervening almost no one read it, in a way also relieving him of the task of terminating his own book himself. Four years later, he came up with another poetry collection Sirens of the Nimbus which has somehow stayed on, both with himself (which is quite something) and others. In Search of Sense is his third attempt to make sense of things with his poetic dis/abilities. He is cruel about his writings, kind about those of others. From writing about horny teenagers and peer pressure to deliberating on the part-chaos and part-sense that life is, or about the fleeting moments of utter confusion and crisis that one is bound to confront, he has come a long way. He is proud of all his works, but not blind about them.


Supratim loves to discuss, debate and respond to e-mails.