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The Unparalleled And Other Short Stories

Authored By:  Susmita Rath

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389110159

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 134

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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This is the latest collection of short stories by Susmita Rath translated from Odia to English by Prof. Ashok K. Mohanty. The stories are based on small conflicts and crises in our day to day life, which however has a profound influence on society. The author has woven a superb series of stories that vividly displays the ups and downs in life particularly of women. Some of the stories are touching, some characters are rebellious but the common thread is the dignity of women. In the story Unparalleled Kali is in search of an identity; in Two Women Rupa finds a soul mate in her otherwise old fashioned mother; in The Dice board Kiran holds her ground inspite of adversities; in Niru and the Red Fish Niru finally rebels and decides to lead life her own way. The author wishes to enlighten, inspire and motivate her readers with richly drawn characters and surprising conclusions.

About the Author


Smt Susmita Rath (born 1958), a prolific writer in Odia, was born and brought up in a literary environment. She is the great grand-daughter of Bhaktakabi Madhusudan Rao and niece of eminent poet Shri Bhanujee Rao. She started writing in 2003 and has to her credit numerous books including Smruti ra Ranga, Bhinna Pruthibi, Paribartita Muhurta ketoti ku neiki, Chirantini, Srestha Galpa, Kathasilpi Binapani, Kabi Bhanujee Rao and Astitwa. She has translated two books published by The NBT viz. Bhutu and Barsa Asuchi into Odia. Her writings appear frequently in various periodicals such as Jhankar, Nabalipi, Sananda, Sahakar, Arpita etc. and broadcast over the All India Radio regularly. Translations of her short stories find place in the Sahitya academy bimonthly Indian. She has been awarded The Jhankar Galpa Samman, and Fakir Mohan Galpa Puraskar by Utkal Sahitya Samaj amongst many others. At present she is functioning as Secretary of Shri Gangadhar Rath Foundation and is also a governing body member of the Utkal Sahitya Samaj.