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Shakuntala’s Daughter: A Novel By Dr. Iti Samanta

Subtitle: Translated by Ashok K. Mohanty

Authored By: Iti Samanta

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789389110241

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 318

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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The path laid down before Shakuntala by destiny – or call it the vicissitudes of life– was dark, even very dark. She falters but along it she struggles on, in the process discovering the lightwithin herself. She cries, but there are moments when you the reader may realise, a bit latethough, that you too had cried with her – the spell of the narrative having obliged you toidentify with her predicament.Indeed, the novel unfolds before us the stark realism in its several dimensions. We meetcharacters that are familiar, yet at a sudden turn of denouement they reveal their unsuspected faces; we come across situations that are not unknown to us, but then theyreveal a significance that reminds us – alas – how little we know of “mice and men”! Shakuntala’ daughter, Bharati, becomes the symbol of the protagonist’s growing courage and will. The sweet and smart little creature will plant her tender grip on your arm and lead youthrough filth and mire to a bright dawn. In silence we will realise that even out of filth andmire there can grow the wonder that is a lotus. Love and empathy still holds humanitytogether.

Manoj Das


About the Book


Ashok K. Mohanty is a translator, columnist and critic. He has published around twenty books that have been translated from Odia to English. After retiring as a professor of Business Administration from Berhampur University, he is currently working as a professor at Srusti Academy of Management, Bhubaneswar.

About the Author


Dr. Iti Samanta is well-known in the field of contemporary Odia creative writing and editing. She is quite conscious about her responsibilities as the editor of ‘The Kadambini, Odisha’s most popular monthly family magazine. She is as much aware that she has a major role to play in Odia creative writing. Her uniqueness can therefore be easily seen from her writing and editing. She has made her presence felt in different sections of Odia literature such as short stories, novels, essays, features and translations. Dr. Iti Samanta is a good interviewer. She has taken thousands of interviews of different personalities from different feilds residing in the state and outside. She has written more than 20 books. Female psychology is dissected threadbare in all her creations. Her writings deal with women’s love, affection, sacrifices, self-esteem and struggles. Through her writings, she conveys the message that women are not simply commodities to be exploited. They have their own self-esteem.

Her second novel Shakuntalas Daughter carries an important and novel message. Women are the perfect symbols of love, affection, sacrifice, tolerance and sympathy. But a woman’s self-esteem always comes first. Her self-esteem means more than anything else to a woman. And Shakuntalas Daughter is its perfect example. We believe that this emotional novel carrying a new message will be popular among the reading public because of its newness and story value.