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The Unheard Songs

Subtitle: A Collection of Poems

Authored By: Ismail Aashna

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789388008327

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 112

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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“Aashna's poetry vibrates with the metaphorical use of language that never appears to be laboured. A reading of the poems amply justifies his confidence, in that tradition runs like life blood in his poetry. Aashna is a poet and knows how to swallow fire and turn it into gold through artistic alchemy. All his poems including the ones with the social import, lead on the enigmatic and mysterious. And when poetry establishes a contact with the mysterious, it is on threshold of greatness, of classic grandeur. Such poetry as this tends to develop towards symbolism. I have a feeling that the young poet promises to develop in this direction. Already there are certain images which repeat themselves and go on gathering new layers of signification around them.”

G R Malik

“Aashna is our another great poet in English language after late Agha Shahid Ali”

– Prof. Fida Mohammad Hassnain


“In spite of the medium of English language, Aashna's poems express the experiences of a Kashmiri poet.”

– Prof. Ghulshan Majid

About the Author


Ismail Aashna (born 1957), an educationist, social activist and a trilingual poet, is one of the renowned personalities of Kashmir. He is a good educator and speaker. His lectures and speeches are spiced with wit and wisdom. Every word he speaks is an idea that opens windows of tranquillity, of peace, of literature and above all, of new knowledge to the listeners.

As a poet, he’s unique as for as his diction and figures of speech are concerned; and about him, as a poet, Prof G R Malik wrote: “Prof Aashna knows how to swallow fire and turn it into gold through artistic alchemy...”

Aashna has to his credit two collections of poetry, Asi Tog Ne Dazun and Heart's Avenues. The former is in Kashmiri language and the latter, in English language. Besides this, his poetry has been published in various national and international journal like Muse India, The Criterion and For his poem, The Blue Spot, The Criterion awarded him a certificate of appreciation.