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Twilight Zone

Subtitle: Transcreated from Punjabi by Pradeep Joshi

Authored By: Manjit Indira

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789388332187

Year of Publication: 2019

Pages: 188

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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A well-known poet, author, educationist and an environmentalist, Pradeep Joshi was born in Simla in the early fifties. Had taught in the Department of English Himachal Pradesh University before venturing into the commercial world. A prolific poet touching, personifying realms of mythopoeic myriad forms of nature. His spectrum colours vast spans of aspects, functional at various levels of human consciousness and those beyond it. His poems offer a varied fare from Gods expectations and travesty thereof by man's lust, greed culminating in the destructive nature of modern civilisation, to spiritual, mythological psychological poems. He masters the art of composing dramatic poems in which the inner archetypal reality of the poet is projected through surreal hypnagogic telling images. His nature poems embody the poet's moods and participation mystique, mediumistic relationship with nature. While his recent experimentation with romanticism highlights the special talent he has been gifted with. His contribution towards various national social causes are also well documented. Visions, Natures Nodes are few of his popular creations besides half a dozen other co-authorship anthologies which mark his presence in the literary world.

About the Author


Born to a musician mother and an educationist father in Bajwara (Hoshiarpur) Punjab in the early fifties Manjit Indira completed her Masters and M Phil in Punjabi from Punjabi University Patiala and later taught in various colleges in and around Punjab. Her adolescent years blossomed in the company of iconic stalwart of Punjabi literature Prof. Mohan Singh who helped her polish her verses transforming her into a voice which has risen and strongly established itself in the top echelon of modern Punjabi writers, not only in India, but, has also sojourned deep into the hearts of international diaspora which celebrates her presence with accolades and awards from time to time.

A versatile writer whose works range from patriotism to metaphysics engrouping religious concerns and culminating into man woman relationships highlighting the tabboes stigmas and social impediments encountered by commoners. The beauty of her writing is that she speaks the language of a common man.
She has nine anthologies to her credit, namely Antehkaran, Kala Baag, Chandrey Hanerey, Tareya Da Chajj, Purti Apurti, Tu Awaz Mari Hai, Alakh, Roh Vidrohand Tandav to her credit besides a solo prose composition Teeyan Teej Dian and two books on literary criticism. She also ventured into translating 10 prominent worksfrom various languages into Punjabi.