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Fiery Silences

Subtitle: A Collection of Poems

Authored By: Pratyush Mishra

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789388008136

Year of Publication: 2018

Pages: 220

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

Price in Rs. 276.50

                             Price in (USA) $. 29.95

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Pratyush’s pen has a myriad of shades and is complex yet elementary at the same time. He sows his experiences in the field of his mind and reaps the crops of poetry, which is sharp like a shard; pierces the heads and hearts of readers, and makes them think!His poetry is radical but rational, free but disciplined and intensely intriguing.

Agnivesh Mahapatra,Bhubaneswar
(Trilingual Poet,Motivational Speaker)

Dr Pratyush Mishra is a prolific bilingual poet. He is apt in using the condensed metaphors. As professionally he is a physician his poems always have an undercurrent of humanity, a rare combo of optimistic approach of this quagmire situations. He is the master ofhis verses who knows how to oscillate with words as the pendulums of a clockyet with thefootmarks on the time scales.

Dr. Swapna Behera, Odisha

(World Icon of Peace, Educationist, Noted Bilingual Author)

It’s truly said Poets are born. Dr Pratyush Mishra’s realm of poetry establishes this maxim. The rich display of images,unique thoughts and the feelings straight from the heart can’t but trap a reader to his magical lines at the first go,for he rises like a phoenix and he promises a slice of infinity in him.

Dr. Dasharath Naik, Odisha

(Lecturer in English and Bi-lingual poet)

The poems of Dr. Pratyush Mishra are largely colloquial, albeit they contain his idiosyncratic melody. His poetry is replete with emotions, experiences, observations, introspections and philosophies. He squeezes his panorama and unravels his heart on paper. In a nutshell, he supplies nuggets of wisdom in an effortless fashion.

Dev Mishra, Odisha 

(Noted English Poet and writer) 

His poetry is beautifully decorated with words, which are carefully and thoughtfully selected to ignite the spirit of a poet, which resides in every human being...they are thought provoking.

-Dr Shweta Sharma, VSS-Burla

( Orator and Surgeon)

Thoughan avid reader I rarely indulge myself in modern poetry baring a few.Yet Pratyush has managed to incite my interest and reaffirm my faith in poetry once again. Surprisingly, his words are not only thought provoking but they also stir the soul. The way he brings the essence of nature into poems is worthy of praise. I look forward to be kept enchanted by his intricate web of words and emotions.

 – Dr. Sikata Sisugoswami, Bhubaneswar 

(Physician,Poet and Critic) 


About the Author


Born on 19/08/1990 in Bhanjanagar, Dr. Pratyush Mishrawas schooled at Stewart School, Bhubaneswar which saw the commencement of his journey as a poet. He began writing since 1999-2000 and the gift of poetry continued to haunt him through college life, and he won many prizes for poetry. 

A physician by profession yet an ardent student of life by passion,his self-searching and inquisitiveness fuelled his poems.His works in English have been published in The Rock Pebbles, Muse India, a good number of poetry anthologies like Fire,Chants of Peace, etc.The Dhwani Pratidhwani,The Pakshighara,The Bhijamati,The Samadrusti and other literary journals published his poems in Odia.In 2016, he was felicitated at Bhubaneswar Poetry Festival as one of the Thirty Poets under Thirty. 


Pratyush Mishra also dabbles in short fiction specifically in the Sci-fi genre, his stories have been published in The Science Reporter, E-fiction India and 365 Tomorrows.Apart from being quiet active in the local poetry open mics as a poetry performer,he collaborates as a lyricist with Uddharett – a death metal band and The Known Strings – an alternative Hindi rock band as well as other artistes of Srujanee Studio. 


Fiery Silencesis his second poetry collection.