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Once Upon A Time

Subtitle: A Kashmiri Novel by Bansi Nirdosh

Authored By: Qaisar Bashir

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789387281066

Year of Publication: 2018

Pages: 132

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

Price in Rs. 206.50

                             Price in (USA) $. 16.52

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“…Succeeded in creating an alternative text for VandihomeNirdoushe’s little novel, Akh Dour... the translation is perfect and pleasant to read…”                                              Shafi Shauq

“… an immensely rich piece of writing, village to Srinagar... Journey of a girl. ‘I couldn’t put the book down or it had me routing for the heroine.’ This is marvellously sad re-wandering novel. And an experience of incomparable richness.”   

Sarojini Sahoo

“Languages and literatures have always been refusing to be transcreated. Only the writers equipped with required capabilities have been venturing to transcreate languages and literatures. Qaisar Bashir, a young man from Kashmir, at very tender age has done the impossible. He has successfully transcreated a Kashmiri novel: Akh Dour (Once Upon a Time) by Bansi Nirdoush and has marvellously recreated environment of the original novel through which characters of the novel grow to fruition. His greatest achievement is that while transcreating no injury has been done to the soul of the novel, no dissection has taken place. There are no bruises on the characters. Instead they vibrate from the beginning up to the end.

Finger prints on diction and style of the transcreated work are that of the translator making his individuality significant.         

Ismail Aashna

“… The translator does his best to make it a simple read and retain the flavour of Kashmiri sensibility in a foreign tongue.”

Dr Maroof Shah



About the Book


“For the sake of Dastageer saeb, let me go. My father must be thinking about me. His eyes must have tired looking at the door. For his sake, let me see him only once. I’ll return. I won’t go anywhere. Not even to my village.”

Setin Bandipora and Srinagar during theDogra regime, the novel, Once Upon a Time, narrating the tale of brotherhood, love, peace in villages and the deception, fraud and porn culture in some regions of Srinagar simultaneously, is the story of a young peasant girl,Nageena,who visits Srinagar furtively to see her father. Her fatheris under treatment in Mission Hospital. After being disallowed to meet him, she spends a night in a nearby shrine and meets a man who takes her his home,thatfinally turns out to be a prostitution house. She, however, tries oftentimes to escape, butfails. She is sold. Lastly, she conceives a child and marries the man she was sold to.

About the Author


Bansi Nirdosh, a famous dramatist, novelist, short-story writer and journalist of Jammu and Kashmir, passed away on 21 August, 2001. He, the son of a renowned writer and journalist Pandit Sham Lal Wali, was born in 1930 in Srinagar at Badyiar Mohalla, Dal Gate. He began his literary career as an editor of a newspaper, Naya Zamana. After spending some years contributing to the same newspaper, he returned to Srinagar and worked there as sub-editor of a daily, Khidmat. Then, he worked with Akashiwani and began writing articles concerning social issues for the programme,HalatiHazira. He, at the same time, wrote drama skits for radio, published three short-stories and two novels in Kashmiri Language. His notable novel “Akh Dour” has been translated into Hindi as Ek Dour. A short-story of his “Paidayishi Ghulam” has also been translated into Hindi language. Moreover, Prof. NeerjaMatoo translated some of his short-stories into English. Number of drama skits he composed is almost over one hundred.

He stands at par with other contemporaries, for he contributed to the genre of Kashmiri short-story and novel. As a short-story writer, Bansi Nirdosh flavoured his short-stories with the local customs, creeds and colours to make them a living inspiration. As for novel, which appeared very late, i.e. in 1960s, Bansi Nirdosh wrote “Mokjaar” (Divorce) and “Akh Dour” (An Era); therefore, totted up the number of novels written by Akhtar Mohi-ud-Din, Amin Kamil, Ali Mohammad, and Ghulam Nabi Gauhar.