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Symphony Of Peace

Authored By: P. Gopichand & P. Nagasuseela

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789386722744

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 302

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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There is no poetry without life and there is no life without poetry. All passions and emotions flow in fusion and resonate with the serene and sublime flow of poesy. With an abundance of love and affection, we have been hosting Poetry-Fests for over a decade with the noble intention to spread message of love, peace and human values in the world. We believe that the invaluable words of the poets work like mantras in influencing the young and the old alike and of one and all, irrespective of creeds and classes, to live the human values in their lives along the path of peace, principles and pure joy. We have carefully picked up each and every poem for the Anthology and have tried to showcase the works of erudite poets from far and near, with complete sincerity and with a sense of purpose and pride. In the process, we had to cross and overcome many hurdles at personal, physical, social and psychological dimensions, and also in investing our time, efforts and earnings against the backdrop of the Fests to promote and proliferate poetic endeavours like this.


We are happy that poets from Canada, U.S.A., Germany, Egypt, Sri Lanka, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Romania, Ireland, Sultanate of Oman and almost all the States from India have wholeheartedly contributed their precious creations to Symphony of Peace. We are glad that the anthology carries the chants of peace, incense of human values, burning gender issues, in myriad forms and the collection reverberates with contemporary environmental and societal topics. We trust that the poems in the anthology would prompt us to think, act and proceed with hope, love and peace for the world in general and humanity in particular and the anthology as a seminal work of its own kind would carve a permanent niche in the annals of poetry and literature. 



About the Author


Prof P. Gopichand & Prof P. Nagasuseela have been teaching English Language and Literature for 26 years, guided 25 M. Phils, together presented more than 100 research papers in international conferences & seminars and symposia; chaired the sessions, presented radio talks, delivered 60 guest lectures on Communication Skills, Personality Development, Phonetics, acted as resource persons, organized70 workshops, seminars etc., for teachers, lecturers and students in different colleges. They are bilingual poets. They write poems, sonnets, haiku, Zen etc. So far they wrote 1000 short &long poems in free verse, 4000 haiku, 1000 Zen, 200 Chowakshar, 100 Sparks, 100 Senolite, 50 Acrostic and 100 wings both in English and Telugu. They translated many poems from Telugu to English. They wrote lessons to University material to Degree, P.G., and M. Phil courses.

Their articles have been published in many reputed journals and books. Their haiku have been awarded with fifteen gold, elevensilver & ten bronze medals. So far they conducted 40 workshops on ELT& CLT Techniques, Phonetic Skills, Organizing Skills, Creative Writing, Conversation Techniques, Personality Development, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Teaching Grammar through Games, Fun & Activitiesetc.,for lecturers, teachers and students. They published eighteen books: Anthologies of Poems 9, Critical Books 6, Others 7. Organised ten self-sponsoredInternational Poetry Fests. They designed more than 200 Posters and greeting cards on many issues.  They also designed 25 different teaching aids. They are the South Zone EC members in AIETC. Their profiles have been enlisted in the Biography India and the 4th & 7th volumes of Young Asian Admirable Achievers Reference Book. They were awarded Great Indian Citizen Award-2011, Jewel of India Gold Award-2011, Vocational Excellence Award-2010,Bharat Excellence Award-2010, Best Personalities of India Award-2010, and eight Gold Medals for their outstanding services to society, achievements& contribution in their fields; International Sattyendranath Smriti Award-2012, Michael Madhusudan Award, Swami Vivekananda International Award-2013,Rajiv Gandhi Arch for Excellence Award and Bharat Shiksha Award-2014, The Little Cross of Literature-2016, World Icons of Peace Award-2017.At present they are working as Associate Professors in the Dept. of English, J.K.C College, Guntur, A.P. Mr P.Gopichand is the Vice-Chairman to IQAC Wing &Ms P. Nagasuseela is the Vice-Chairman to College Magazine, Vistruthi-Extension Activities Wing & Women’s Wing in their college.