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Mahasweta Devi’s Literary Canvas

Subtitle: A Critical Reading

Authored By: Pallavi Mishra

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789386722430

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 206

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  English Literature

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Mahasweta’s Literary Canvass: A Critical Reading is a modest attempt to critically dive deep into the vast literary works of Mahasweta Devi that uncover the socio-political and cultural aspects that dominate the lives of dispossessed people. The writer, through her writings, gives voice to the silent dissension, simultaneously deconstructing all inherent structures and dymystifying the supposed grandeur of the past.

The book tries to bring forth the protest and resistance that the dispossessed have bore and registered through the social history of the nation in the writings of Mahasweta Devi. Writings on women occupy a larger space on her canvass,making the writer a conscious voice for women. Community and the Myth & History chapters shows the organic relationships shaping themselves in an otherwise uneven surface, celebrating the conflicting traditions of community.

The texts have been read in context of the postcolonial theory with due emphasis upon the concepts of History, Nation, Gender, Myth, Race that form the base of postcolonial thought. The book, it is hoped, will certainly get a warm reception in the hands of the students, teachers and research scholars who aim to study Mahasweta Devi as an important post-colonial writer.



About the Author


Pallavi Mishra teaches in a college in a hilly district of Uttarakhand.

Her first book, Disdain – A Fiction, is a women-centered writing.

She is a voracious reader and writes regularly for national and international journals.

She also participates in activities involving social awareness and environment preservation.