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Suffice It To Say

Subtitle: An Anthology of Seventy Retorts to all shades of life…

Authored By: Apeksha Rai

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789386722003

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 114

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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                             Price in (USA) $. 29.95

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Your life and this little world that embraces it seldom have got a billion ways to make you aware of their intricate, yet traceable moods. The seasons you're facing are crying at you, the skies and seas, right between where you stand, are speaking of you, the breezes that caress your nerves are whispering to you, and the murmurs you listen in the crowds are revealing your partial truths. They have been saying since ages and will continue to say what they have to. But have you not got any way to revert to these billions of voices you come across every day?

The poetry of 'Suffice it to say' is Apeksha Rai's debut attempt to unleash all the voices that we withhold from ourselves and the world. At times more evocative than descriptive, the poems voyage through a flamboyant array of all kinds of feelings and emotions that are easily relatable to all. Precisely the poems reflect the brew of love and fear one feels as he invites a new emotion within; the heart having the supremacy to rule overall other senses.

About the Author


Born on 27th July 2002, Apeksha Rai belongs to Ballia (a district in Uttar Pradesh) and has been residing in New Delhi since her birth. Her intense penchant for literature comes to her from her father, who's an Associate Professor at Delhi University. She is a tenth standard student in Ahlcon International School (East Delhi) where she's been vigorously participating in various co-curricular activities and oration competitions. She has been trying her hands on poetry on and off since 2009. However, the quality, maturity and passion for poetry came to her in the last three years. She publishes her poems frequently on her website - 'The Owl of Minerva' ( which has successfully gathered huge responses from thousands of readers over the globe. Apart from poetry, she's avid for Indian Classical Music and has recently completed her Madhyama Poorna examination. She has been profoundly engrossed in various shades of nature and life, which she loves to pen down with her own distinctive philosophicalflair in herworks.

Apeksha can be contacted at