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Sojourn of Life

Authored By: Sandhya Jane

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352074600

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 46

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

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The sojourn of life is sometimes quite obvious and sometimes very subtle. It can be filled with smooth sailings or merciless agonies. Life's beauty and mysteries lie not just in the treading the offbeat path, but also in experiencing the moods, moments, missed chances and rewards that individuals experience every single day in the course of the daily humdrum. These experiences can be comfortable and uncomfortable; familiar, as also strange.

Look closer, and even the supposedly mundane has so much to teach you, as do the strange and polarizing, because personal growth is not always seamless — though it may prove rewarding in the end. Seamless

Join author Sandhya Jane as she guides you through this poetic exploration of life’s emotional journey in her celebration of this Sojourn of Life.

About the Author


With a Master’s degree in Information Technologies from the University of Central Missouri, Sandhya Jane has been working for over two decades in the global corporate environment in USA, India and Hong Kong, including for some of the leading investment banks in Manhattan, USA.

She has traveled widely across the globe for work assignments, giving her a unique look at many different cultures and regions. Currently, she lives in Hong Kong with her husband and son.

Her debut novel, Second Spring published in 2015 was widely appreciated by readers.

In addition to writing fiction, Sandhya also regularly contributes on technology, management, Vedic sciences and motivational topics for leading websites and India-based publications.

Please visit her Facebook page at: or send an email to her at