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The Poetry Of I. K. Sharma: New Tracks And Literary Swings

Subtitle: A Volume of Critical Essays

Authored By: P.V. Laxmiprasad

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352075546

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 306

                                       Binding: Hardback(HB)

Category:  English Literature

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Back cover Some comments on I.K. Sharma’s Poetry


If good poetry is felt before it is understood, the poems of Mr.I.K.Sharma… are better. The reader will acknowledge the comprehension and the feelings of the poems simultaneously. -- --Poetry


A poet who realizes his poetic mission and the nobility of his art cannot be a mediocre poet.-----World Literature Today


The Poetry of Sharma is happily free from flamboyance in expression and morbidity in feeling. At times his lines reveal unreachable depths of thought and feeling like clear-flowing waters, of a deep river.---Triveni


… the future Indian poet, can neither afford to be apolitical nor asocial, neither a downright ruralite nor an ivory-towered or business-minded self-absorbed town dweller, neither a sentimental romanticist nor a die-hard inhuman automation—he must be alive to reality, an all-round, all-embracing reality, regional national and international: and I.K.Sharma will have to be admitted as an important link in all this scheme.----- Poetcrit


About the Book


The book contains an analytical but critical study of the poetry of I. K. Sharma. The critics have most capably and creditably examined his poetry in all its multi-dimensional aspects. There is originality of poetic thought, fertility of keen imagination and the right application of metaphor. His poems are generally short and condensed marked by brevity and precision. His poetry is full of liveliness and variety, vigor and vitality. All the poems bear the stamp of common life in particular. A poet of social protest, I.K. Sharma is a signature on the sands of Indian English Poetry.

About the Author


Dr. P. V. Laxmiprasad is an active academician, an avid researcher, a literary critic, and a resource person. A teacher with two decades of experience, he is the author and editor of eight published books. His romance with literature began right from childhood days when he was guided to read the ancient Hindu epics. He strongly believes in the philosophy that “Man has brought nothing with him and Man shall take nothing with him”.

His published books:

1) Universal Witness (Poetry Collection in English) Thematic Publications, Latur, M.S. 2012

2) The Philosophical Muse: Perspectives on the Poetry of K.V.Raghupathi (Critical Book of Essays), APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, 2012

3) Introspective Voyager: A Collection of Critical Essays on the Poetry of K.V.Raghupathi, Authors Press, New Delhi, 2014

4) An Anthology of Criticism on Six Indian English Poets, Sarup Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, 2015

5) Mapping Thematic Variations: The Poetry of D.C. Chambial, Authors Press, New Delhi, 2015

6) The Heterogeneity of Story Writing: A Critical Evaluation of Eight Indian Short Story Writers in English, Authors Press, New Delhi, 2015

7) Critical Readings on the Fictional World of Manju Kapur, Aadi Publications, Jaipur, 2016

8) The Spirit of Age andIdeas in the Novels of PCK Prem, Authors Press, New Delhi, 2016