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Dance Of Satan And Other Poems

Authored By: Manas Bakshi

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789382647393

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 128

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  Poetry, Fiction and Short Stories

Price in Rs. 206.50

                             Price in (USA) $. 16.52

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Widely published and anthologised in India and abroad, he is included in the biographical reference works of American Biographical Institute inc. U.S.A., International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, U.K., Journal of Commonwealth Literature and Asia Pacific Who’s Who Vol. XV. Here are some excerpts from reviews of Manas Bakshi’s earlier books:

“Here is the work of an intellectual, a man with faults and failings (as have each of us), but one whose soul shines through his poetry, and whose final thoughts are offered in tribute to his Creator.”

—Bernard M. Jackson in TheMawaheb International (Canada).

“It is rather astonishing how a handful of well-chosen words can convey powerful meaning and set our minds on fire with curiosity, sometimes more so than longer poems. Bakshi can with just a few words create poignant imagery which transports the reader to the place of the poem.”            

—Rob Harle in Beyond The Rainbow (Australia)


“Bakshi’s collection of poems could well make one brood over the unsung in the hearts of many”  

The Hindu

“With the help of a simple diction and deft handling of metre and rhyme, the poet succeeds in painting with sincerity the agony, conflict and quest of modern man”               

The Statesman

“The imagery in Manas Bakshi’s poetry is dramatic and vivid”

                                                     —The Hindustan Times

“For Mr. Bakshi, poetry serves as an anodyne from a world where ‘Living today is/Reduced to/Nothing more than/Gasping in the zero hour’s urge’ .........”

     —The Asian Age

“Bakshi’s poems are full of evocative imagery; sometimes satirical, sometimes hammering straight to the heart but always leading the reader along the track of sensitive poetry”           

The Telegraph

“The imagery evoked is indeed powerful and the poet seems to rise from the very ashes, like the phoenix” 

The Herald

About the Author


Manas Bakshi (b. 1954) M. Com, LL.B, Ph. D, a ‘major voice’ in the domain of Indo-English poetry has, to his credit, ten books of English poetry, namely, Long Awaited (1988), In the Age Of Living Death (1990), The Welkin is Blue Yet in Agony (1995), Of Dreams and Death (2000), From Adam To Myself (2003), Not Because I Live Today (2005), Man Of The Seventh Hour (2006), The Midnight Star (2009), Between Flower And Flame (2011) and Maudlin Musings (2015) from Publishers like Rupa & Co., Firma KLM Pvt Ltd, Script, Cambridge India and Sparrow Publication. Dance of Satan And Other Poems is Bakshi’s eleventh venture.