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Trends, Issues And Implications In Asian Women Writing

Authored By: Shamenaz Bano

Publisher:  Authorspress

ISBN-13: 9789352074488

Year of Publication: 2017

Pages: 322

                                       Binding: Paperback(PB)

Category:  English Literature

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Asian women writing has seen tremendous change and transition in recent years as an increasing number of new writers have emerged in the Indian subcontinent, from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and others. There has also been a wealth of translations being carried out from the native languages to English which has enriched English literature, thereby opening new territories for others to work upon. India, being multi-linguistic and the seventh largest country in the world, is leading in terms of women writing in Asia.

This book comprises of myriad themes relating to the reality and sensibilities of women in today's world. It discusses themes like feminism, women writing, women and social issues, translation studies including Hindi and regional writing, and also.


About the Author


Dr. Shamenaz Bano is currently teaching English at Ewing Christian College, Allahabad. As part of the Department of English, University of Allahabad, she taught English Literature and Language in 2015-16. She is also former Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, AEIT, Allahabad. With a D. Phil in English Literature from the University of Allahabad, she has professional experience of more than 13 years. Her specialization is in South Asian Women Writing. She is the co-author of an anthology of poetry titled The Celebration of OurVoiceswith Deborah Brooks Langford of USA, and co-edited Feeling for Youwith Armeli Quezon of USA. She has contributed poems to many international poetry anthologies like Poetry Archive, Feeling International, Women of Passion, Poetic Souls and Glomag. She is a member of the Editorial Board of journals including International Journal of Research and Humanitarian Studies (Jordan), Cyber Literature: An Online Journal,The Context, English Literator Society,Literary Miscellany, Research Access & Expressions, Levure Litteraire(France-Germany-USA). Dr. Shamenaz has published over 60 research papers and 30 book reviews in National and International journals and websites. She has presented papers at 17 International Seminars/Conferences and 36 National Seminars/Conferences and attended 7 workshops in India. She is a member of the Executive Committee of Progressive Writers Association. Dr. Shamenaz's Blogs are:, and